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Needed active Clan Companions!

Hi there!
I was in a clan and our lider vanished. Only a few people were beating the alpha and a lot of them escaped. So, I left the clan and took some people with me. Our clan has only 4 people, but we are always active and very friendly!! If you are tired about loosing alphas, come and join our clan! Thoothlessriders are waiting for you!

Hello:-)The International Brotherhood is looking for active players. If you get involved in the game every day, you will feel good in our guild :slight_smile: I invite you cordially and I leave the final decision to each of you :-).Guild name is WYTRESUJ SMOKA.

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Hi Wojturello!

I will speak to them and see if they agree! I will return as soon as possible!
Thank you!

Hi lela we are very strong players… İf you are actives join Fabulous Fighters