Needed Hybrids


There are some dinosaurs that we would like a hybrid for, like Tarbosaurus, Iguanodon, and Dilophosaurus Gen 2. Some suggestions I have are Diloshuchus, Dilophosaurus Gen 2 or 1 and any -suchus, Ankyloceratops, Ankylosaurus and Triceratops Gen 2 or 1, Tarboraptor, Tarbosaurus and any raptor, Monolophosarus Rex, Monolophosaurus Gen 2 or 1 and Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 or 1, Megaloguanodon, Megalosaurus and iguanodon, Erlikotator, Erlikosaurus Gen 2 or 1 and Irritator Gen 2 or 1, and Concarnotaurus, Concavenator and Carnotaurus.


Yea I want gryposuchus suchus and Quetzlcoatles…

I really want a creature to have a swap in pinning strike effect… I’d find that very useful.

I also want an Armargasaurus bird hybrid so I have something looking like king godrah.


You thought these out well and suggested some dinos that need SOMETHING. Eventually anything and everything should have a hybrid, its funny how some dinos have 2 (or 3) yet so many dinos are literally useless


I like the “Con Carne”-taurus idea… It might help if they gave Carno a SERIOUS overall buff first.



I would have to name mine “Chili”. Get it? Chili…
Con Carne…? LOL (Baaaad food joke, pay it no mind…)


It makes no sense why several Dinosaurs have 2 hybrid while all those you listed have none.


Another one that we could use is Mono Rex just incase Monolophosaurus Rex doesn’t make it. Mono Rex would consist of Monolophosaurus Gen 2 or 1 and Dracorex Gen 2 or 1, however Draco Rex Gen 2 would need a buff, or three.


Megaloguanodon is so much fun to say


I’d like some more Dimetrodon (not gen 2) hybrids, like Dimetrosuchus (Dimetrodon + Gorgosuchus) or Dimecorex (Dimetrodon + Dracorex). I’d also like some more Postimetrodon hybrids like, Quetzalmetrodon (Quetzalcoloatus + Postimetrodon).


I dunno… iguanodon’s just too “vanilla”. There’s nothing special about it. You could hybrid it, but it wouldn’t be that much of an improvement.


@Dalek62771 That’s why before it gets a hybrid it either gets buffed or the hybrid is overpowered.




Definitely would love a good hybrid for Concavenator, I wouldn’t object to Concavenator getting a buff either :slight_smile:


Just had to explain to people in another thread why it was pointless to make special “uniques” of the movie dinos. That had to be explained using film lore, as they probably have only seen the first 3 movies once.


Koolonax is an idea, it was from someone else