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Needed improvement for battle interface Ludia

Hi all,

I join the community to ask Ludia for an improvement for the combat interface,

An option to hide dinosaurs that are on cooldown would be very cool

To explain my proposal here is a rendering :

if you agree with my proposal, feel free to support this topic



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I totally support this. Sometimes one can misclick and accidentally speed up a creature they didn’t want to. Also because it gets laggy when there are many creatures on cooldown in the screen, which can lead to the misclick I mentioned before.


I agree!!!

Yes, I did this in the Edmontosaurus tournament, spent DB unnecessarily on regenerating my Apatosaurus when trying to select the Mastodontosaurus next to it.

On the other hand I find it useful to see how soon dinos are going to be available again when planning a campaign - so maybe a ‘toggle on/off’ option for regenerating dinos would help.


You have my support!

Completely support!
I have spent unnecessary DB speeding up dinos when I was just going through to select something else. It also gets laggy and you somehow end up clicking the speed up. Nightmarish scrolling through it so I never finish the ad quota nowadays that way I never misclick.

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Unfortunately this is why I don’t think we’d ever see this improvement. Because Ludia seems to put things into the game specifically FOR the purpose of getting players to accidentally click on them and spend resources. It’s a clear tactic in their game design.


Honestly improving the game does sound like a way for players to open up their wallets as well.

Now that wallets was mentioned and we have Ludias attention, making the game an enjoyable experience for the players also goes a long way to get players to use their CC’s more.


While I don’t disagree in theory, small interface improvements like this aren’t things players care enough about to make a determination about playing the game or not playing it…and even less so in terms of whether to pony up money for it, i.e. VIP membership or paying for packs. This effects VIPs and non-paying players equally so not sure how changing it would get players to be more likely to pay for the game, if they don’t already.

Game companies particularly years into a game are VERY stingy about how they spend time and money on new development. They have to be. I guarantee that they track every update they’ve ever done, and how that affected new signups, memberships, and overall numbers of players in the game, etc. which drives how they prioritize what to work on for the future. And in the years I’ve been playing there’s always been a steady move towards more things that will separate players from their resources, because clearly those changes benefits them, but doesn’t bother players enough to quit the game or drop VIP memberships. I think it’s highly unlikely we’re going to ever see it go in the other direction again.

But that’s why we also do see them do things like increase the benefits for VIP members. Because players DO open their wallets up for those in a way they don’t for interface tweaks.


I think that is a great idea. It is simple and, it seems, quite doable. Just a command to conceal creatures that are in cool down.

I hope they are reading this thread and take this suggestion into consideration. I agree that improving the game is the best deal for everyone, including Ludia.


A lot of these small interface stuff could go a long way in frustrating the player so as to no longer play the game anymore as well tbh, in which they could lose a potentially paying customer.

It truly is sad to see that the players are okay with this kind of treatment from the developer (this is coming from a person who has seen developers forced to make changes because of strong vocal forum/reddit posts), honestly anything we give as feedback is puny at this stage unless a lot of people stop paying for VIPs which won’t happen.

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It will seem like a small thing but it bothers me that you see half a dinosaur!

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Or when you think you have a whole dino on screen at the edge, and you are poking it to select it, but it’s won’t select because it’s very slightly off-screen and you are thinking ‘what’s wrong, I can’t get this fight to work panic panic…’

Or maybe that’s just me :woozy_face::woozy_face:


It’s not just you, it happens to me too and it’s nerve-wracking !! :japanese_goblin:


Minor inconveniences like not being able to filter creatures would just never be the primary reason players would quit the game or drop a VIP membership. As someone that’s been a VIP member the entire time I’ve been playing, save the first month or two, not once has it ever been about something they haven’t added to the game that I would like to have that makes me consider whether to keep my membership or not. It’s the far more serious bugs that they drop on us, often leaving unfixed for MONTHS at a time that have made me consider quitting. Or changes they make to the detriment of the players… it’s one thing to not do stuff players would like, it’s another thing completely to take away things we had and counted on… such as the ways you used to be able to get DBs… and now the unlocks for all the creatures. Those are the kinds of things that really get players upset. Dropping the DBs from custom trades completely (concurrent with removing them from most of the packs, etc.) resulted in a LOT of players dropping their VIP memberships, so Ludia did roll that back a little bit (albeit not totally). And if I hadn’t initially signed up for a yearly VIP membership, I definitely would have dropped it when the custom trades had an issue where you frequently were losing your extra VIP trades… a bug that was not fixed for MONTHS and cost me many, many lost trades. I have been only a monthly subscriber ever since… so I do have the option to drop it at any time if they do something like that again. But I have had to overlook some other bugs that resulted in my losing promised benefits as a VIP, so they definitely are trying me in that area to the limit.

But ultimately I’ve played enough other mobile games and just never found one I liked anywhere near as much. Most are FAR less playable without spending lots of cash, get boring quickly, and so I put up with the fact that Ludia isn’t likely to do a whole lot of changes or updates to the game, and is going to continue to drop poorly tested, buggy updates on us, because I just enjoy the game regardless. That seems to be the case for a lot of the players that stick with the game for any length of time. But it has made me decide not to try any other Ludia games because what they do with one game, is certainly how they run their other games as well (I’ve seen the mass exoduses that happened with JWA for instance through eavesdropping on that forum from time to time, so have avoided that game completely)


You say very right things but I disagree on one thing!
I’ll explain: like you I hated (or just didn’t like) JWA!
It looked like a copy of Pokemon Go!
But later when I had problems with the account JWTG because it was not compatible with my phone, I tried to install it and I must say that it is not bad!
If you are already a JWTG player it is easy to learn JWA.
I know a lot of people who used to play JWTG and hated JWA who now play both!
I play them both myself!
They are from the same “manufacturer” so you shouldn’t hate JWA!
In fact, without JWA there would be no dinosaurs like Spino gen 2, Ptezaqueztal, Edmontosaurus, Iguanodon, etc …
So JWA should be embraced, not shunned!
Think how you want, this is my opinion!

Thanks for all the support :heart:

I don’t think people will leave for those kind of improvement,

This kind of improvement become the game more smooth,

We all do around 50 fight to be in the 1% in tournament,

Saw which dinosaurs stay available and how design your team for the next battle is a little bit boring when you have 10 dinosaurs of each classes at the same level (and on my phone cooldown generate a lag to scroll.

My idea is this post is just giving a way to help Ludia make the player enjoying the game :slight_smile:

If a moderator of Ludia read this topic, it would be nice to send the request back to the developer and tell us what they have about it

The case of the dinosaurs lineup is different then the interface. I’m aggree with the idea that dinosaurs lineup must stay unperfect to keep the game the little bit unbalance that keep us on it :smiley:

Have fun, the game is here to generate money for Ludia but I’m pretty sure Ludia developers like his game !


I tried it in the past, it’s just not my style of game, and that is only completely validated by what I’ve read in the forums. And as I said, why would I get into another Ludia game, when the one thing I dislike about this game the most is the company that runs it (particularly, their disregard for the players, that borders on downright disrespect when we get angry about unfixed bugs). No thanks.

Just a reminder as well, the developers aren’t the ones that decide what changes get made. If they did, you can BET we’d see some of these kinds of game improvements made. But they are at the whims of the corporate decision makers, for whom playability takes a backseat to profitability.


Or at least, a sorting option on the bottom right that says “Available” and would only show the dinos that are able to battle right away once you press it