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Needing a new Alliance


I’m looking for a new alliance. English speaking and people who like to participate and donate


TwrexYurSelf. My alliance I will accept u instantly my name is Paxi


talk to @Tori_baugh

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ya you can join Soul Killer. we have a discord as well


If you havent found an alliance yet we would love to welcome you into ours. We have a good bunch who actively donate and we friendly challenge eachother alll the time. We also use our own thread here on the forums to chat outside of the game. If you’re interested our alliance name is HeWasNumber1 , you can either search us or PM me your info and I’ll send you a request.


Hi - I am looking for members !!! Everyone welcome


Hi you are welcome to join mine: TO Raptors…T
here are only 5 spaces left


Hi !! I am looking for members - I am a very active (daily) level 20 and my allliance name is Canadino - please join, everyone is welcome