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Needs More Healing Options

I’m at a point where Halbenet is basically mandatory which severely limits my options for other character choices for progression or top tier dungeons. I essentially now have two groups: the A Team and the B Team because of this.

Your characters are too weak. I was progressing in Explore mode with my “B” team, which didn’t have a healer and only needed to sub in my “A” line up for the secret rooms.

My “B” team can clear Frostsilver Mines without issue and is about 50% successful with the third boss of the Hidden Forge. All without healing.

You could also consider unlocking Calliope the bard.

I’m not sure what your beef with him is.

You seem to delight in insulting anyone who dares to disagree with you.

I think it was a very adequate reply to someone which instead of offering counter arguments or relating to your actual reply, decides to call you stupid.

That is similar to the reply I got when I offered help in anohter post as well, by the way, so there’s a pattern here and this is not just a one time thing. It’s not that I think this reply will actually help as much as infuriate the OP more, but every comment would do the same, this one just makes him seem ridiculous. I really like it.


Off topic huh? Ok, let’s get back on track. Maybe they should give y’all the healer you need and not the one you ask for, I’d recommend a druid class. You’ll then be able to get your healing through regeneration but also invoke animal friendship and sympathy and maybe someday get some goodberries.