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Needy texts breaking immersion

I was away playing a game with friends, and my phone died, so when I came back I had a bunch of texts. 1. I hate how needy they are. It doesn’t seem to take them long to think I ghosted them, and 2. This one in particular completely broke the immersion. I’ve noticed it with others but this one makes it seem like Jamie is just making all this up. :joy:

I’ve noticed that too and MC always has to day they were distracted or something even though the character goes away for hours at a time. In the screenshot you shower I can understand it a little more since you’re talking to OZO and he doesn’t want you getting any ideas of trying to get help or something, I’m guessing.

Yeah the placement of some of those are awkward LOL. Also, not crazy about the pop up of “so and so liked your comment” when they react with an emoji. That breaks the immersion too.