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Negative 50 DNA when fusing to Create Diloranosaurus DNA

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Bug Description: I went from 70 DNA on the Diloranosaurus down to 20 DNA while still losing the 50 Ouranosaurus DNA and the 200 Dilphosaurus DNA. And the fusing amount that was shown briefly did display as -50.

I thought getting multiple 10’s in a row while fusing was bad… this is ridiculous!!!

Area is was found in: No clue what this means… Dino inventory where you can fuse?

How do you reproduce the bug: Only happened once…
Step 1- be unlucky and get -50 when you fuse
Step 2 - be really unlucky and get -50 when you fuse
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Only happened to me once

What type of device are you using: Galaxy S9+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Wish I had time to take a screen shot of the -50…

I have already sent an email to support as well… putting this here mainly to see if anyone else has had it happen to them…

I reported an issue like this to them once and they sent me the component DNA as well as the DNA I lost. You’ll need to send them an e-mail along with as much information as you have and make sure you answer their replies

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Thank you for that added information.

During the Halloween we event, I had lost 10 Indoraptor DNA while creating it. The team took about a month and quite a few to & fro queries over email, but the gave me back that DNA. So they may take time but they’ll get it done.

Bring precise about the time and day helps them. All they have is logs to go through and trust me, there’s a lot to go through.

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I have fortunately not experienced this, but damn this bug is messed up! And then it takes that long to resolve it?!..i hope you get your dna back. Good luck

This long? It’s been 4 hours into a holiday weekend at 4 AM est right now.

See comment and experience from argb007