Negative App Store/Google Play comments?

If we all dislike the state of the game right now, how come we havent posted our feedback at the rating section on both devices? (I dont use google play, so idk about that one. Im an iphone user,)

Well not sure how the app store does its ratings but the way google play does theres a bunch of recent negative reviews wont actually affect a games rating. I believe thats going to change in the future but at the moment it wont.

The only ratings have been mostly 5 star, and the comments have all been from around back when the game first came out, so it was all back when the game meant something

Theres a ton of recent negative reviews on the playstore… the problem is its not really effecting its rating currently at 4.3 stars. This will change at some point this month when google changes their scoring to give recent reviews more weight.

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Fanbase: (cries in desperation for changes to the battling portion of the game)

Moderators: (doesnt do good job at silencing us or giving us info)

Meanwhile at ludia hq:



Well there is this…

Thats alot of players to lose in a month but then again alot of them i think were new players cause that 62k is one of the higher numbers since last summer.
Theyve also dropped back down to like 173 on the play stores top grossing chart as well…

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They arent even on the top grossing list on the app store XD

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Thats is deeply unfair to the mods. They have no interest in silencing anyone, and can only pass on what information Ludia give them.

I get the frustration, but direct it where it is due.

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