Negative DNA awarded?!


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Bug Description: Negative DNA awarded in fusion

Area is was found in: Hybridization

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- when fusing DNA for Pyrritator and Indominus Rex I’m often awarded -50 DNA and lose said progress
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every 5-6 times I attempt to fuse DNA for legendary or unique dinosaurs

What type of device are you using: andriod (hauwei P10)

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) if this is on purpose, you guys really need to warn people. I’m getting really frustrated as the amount of DNA needed for legendary and unique dinos is tough to come by anyway. I should have had my Indominus to at least lvl 20 by now, and should have had Pyrritator well beyond that by now. If it’s a glitch… It’s a pretty nasty one.


And I thought I was unlucky with fusions…


But seriously though you should try clearing your cache or uninstalling and reinstalling.


I’ve tried uninstalling and download, and reloading the game. It’s been happening for a while. The first time I thought I misread it, but it’s been getting much more frequent.


You should just contact customer support and don’t fuse until they fix it.


Hey Amber_Eve_Drover, our team would be happy to investigate further to see what could have happened during your fusion. Reach out to our staff here at with your support key and more details so they can take a closer look.


Funny question… For the list of dinosaurs you are working on but not collected yet; they’re organized by how much DNA for them you have, correct?


Its organized by gow much dna you need to create. Not how much you have… perfect example is on my list spinosaurus gen 2 is 13/150 but is listed before paramoluch which is 40/200… i need a 137 for spinosaur so its listed beforw rhe para cause it need 160 to create.