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Negative Game Rant

This game is broken with too many boosts, its pay to win too, grindy, battery sucking, copy of Pokemon Go ( the new feature is literally called raids ). Also, there are so many bugs in this game it makes me explode internally. The game also ignores its community and kept on nerfing the wrong creatures for 2 updates ( or more, i dont remember ) .The epics have like, what, a 20 min window in the morning ( 5 am ) to get epic dna?

Change. My. Mind

What on earth are you talking about with epics and 5 am??? I’m sick of negative game rants they do essentially nothing but annoy people. Stop complaining.


Im not kidding

I only got 30 edapho dna and boosts are a headache, even AFTER the nerf hammer

Have you ever seen a boost free tournament?


Yeah but I care more about the PvP. The no boost tournaments are the only thing Ludia is doing right, if you ask me.

Nobody asked you. If ya wanna be negative take it somewhere else the forum is a place too be constructive.


Oh I forgot to add how trashy the raid battle rewards are. In Pokemon Go ( im comparing cuz they literally took the feature from it ), if you defeat the boss, you get to CATCH IT, not forgetting the good items and xp. What do you get from defeating Mortem Rex, the equivalent of a legendary pokemon? 10 DNA. Like, 10 dna. I raged when I got only 10 dna. Even the other raids, like smilonemys and mammotherium give bad DNA. The only thing worth it is the sino raid, which is the equivalent of a Snorunt raid, which is worthless and only for the xp or evolution candies. Also, I hate the fact that only 4 players can take part in a raid. Plain, bland trash.

Nerfing the wrong creatures? All creatures got rebalanced. Sure Tryko and Arden are now insanely good but both are actually farmable with time, energy and luck.

Raids are fun if you got a good group and again luck. The yield is iffy but like PoGo its a coin toss whether you get a good yield or bad one.

The previous update (1.13 to 1.14) did nothing in terms of nerf and buff.


Edpha is a global spawn. Why are you camping at 5am for it? If you are.saying Indom G2 then fine. Dawn/Dusk creatures are annoying but with some planning you can find a few.

MMOs had raids before PoGo was even a concept. It usually refers to a group of people taking on a boss or bosses.


Also Pokemon go raids are not good either, you have to meet up with real people, which is really hard, especially in covid. JWA is remote

JWA Raids are fun if your alliance can get coordinated. You can even do multiple times and build strategies to help members to win without having to be carried every week.

PoGo Raids are quite simplistic and harder to play multiple times without paying.

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Why would I possibly want to change your mind?
My question is why are you playing something you obviously hate?


Did you just say this game is a copy of pokemon go. Look, the only similarities is raids and that you collect dinos and make them fight. You need actual skill to dart instead of swiping a ball. You need dna to upgrade versus whatever you need in pokemon go. You fuse dna instead of breeding them meaning there is more variety and places to go. Even the battling is different. No one says JWA is a copy of Pokemon Go without getting the full load. Look it up. This is most likely only 10% of the differences. Do not insult my beloved JWA.


Epics spawn all 24 hours. I usually catch them in afternoon. Oh yes another thing, you can actually catch them in a car while moving super fast and they spawn much more frequently and in more places.

My neighbor just got JWA and was a pokemon go player. His words were this game is much more fun, hard and complicated. You kind of have everything handed to you in Pokemon Go. You cant say this isn’t true since it takes like a year to start getting your first unique and like 6 months to get your first legendary.

Isn’t it funny how everyone keeps saying everything is a copy from pogo & or pokemon! I’ve never been interested in pokemon at all. :laughing::sweat_smile:

Ludia did the best update to save the game, except max and tryko. They rebalancing creature, rotate the local zone, Raid, great Season and championship and also they reset the event incubator. Stop complain.

Yes, never say anything negative. Only consume products, like good little customers. Please be quiet and spend money! You’re ruining the game with your words on a screen!

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