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Negative side of a Boosted Team

So my current team is all boosted and the good ones up to tier 5. This is all good.


Lets say I want to work a new dino up to my team level. This is where the problem comes. I have level 24 to 27’s equivalent to level 30 and 30 somethings. My Utasinoraptor has damage equivalent to a level 32.

So I want a new dino on my team and need it to at least 23-24 but then I have the issue of I also need to boost the thing to at least tier 3 to be of any use else it will be a slow as molasses and be nothing but cannon fodder for my opponents.

This just has me asking, “Why bother with growing new dino’s to team level?” The only reason I grew a DC to 20 is only for use as a cheap shot game ender. Any other use in battle and it’s nothing but cannon fodder.

Pre boosts 1.6, I could grow other dinos up and they would be of some kind of use but now I would have to both grow them and boost them because an unboosted dino might as well be a level 1 on a boosted team.


Yep. Along with all the other problems, boosts are the end of variety - and even some good dinos. I stopped actively working on dilocheirus since even if I get to L30, all the other boosted dinos around mean it’s basically useless, unless I boost it up a ton, which isn’t going to happen.

The question is why do anything when you look at it that way?

Well duh, that’s exactly the point.

Kinda like complaining to realise nobody cares… why start.

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You might not care, but that doesn’t matter a bit - there is the vague hope that the only people who really do care might take it to heart and do something about it - Ludia. So, troll on dude. Troll on.


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Yeah good job forgot… opinions and the right to speak are by majority. Sorry you need this online to make up for real life

I read a good solution a few times… The ability to take your boosts off a dino and put it back into your inventory. Then re-apply them to the new dino. Maybe it would cost a small amount of coins to get the boosts back into inventory…

Says the guy who tells everyone to quit complaining…

finished engaging

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