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Negative side of Stat Boosts 2.0

All i was expecting from Boost update was balance. But for me now it seems all we get is arena imbalance.

  1. 50% refund on Player-Driven Stat Boost Rollback is joke since Ludia nerf dinos every update or change meta therefore make our dinos useless. Otherwise there would be option to reset boosts on changed dinos after update.

  2. Some dinos will be massively overpowered since they dont need all 3 stats to boost. Such as Tanks, Dracoceratops, Thylacotator, Bleeders etc…

  3. Some dinos will suffer extremely since they will need to boost all 3 stats especially those who need speed. It will lead to speed war so all speedsters will be useless since they will be speed boosted therefore will be weak or will be strong but slow. Therefore those dinos above mentioned in 2) will be overall winners. In all scenarios splitting boost into speedsters they will be probably underdogs.

  4. I dont know why dont Ludia tell us what boost refund multiplier will be. But maybe i do. It will probably be some low number so they have another opportunity to take some money out of our pockets since we already had T7 endgame teams therefore buing another boosts wasnt necessary. Now if multiplier will be lower than x4 Ludia will have another chance to make us pay for dinos which we paid for many times before. Not mentioning the fact all players who bought all boosts before, will be unattainable for the rest of the leaderboard, as there was low difference between T7 and T8 dinos due to high price and low improvement which now disappears.

If this boost update shows as a fail, i will probably quit this lovely game. Sadly Boosts completely ruined all what we loved on JWA.

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  1. Sorta agree
  2. Ok, rat is unfortunately still going to be a problem. But I’d like to see more tanks honestly. And bleeders, except Spyx, got indirect nerfs in the last patch
  3. Sorta agree
  4. Agreed
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On point 1, you can’t at all expect them to give back all boosts. 50% is better than nothing, which is the current amount refunded. Most games, especially F2P mobile, don’t refund all skill points. Boost strategically and you won’t have to worry about this too much, there hasn’t been any dino really killed by nerfs since Monomimus back in 1.6.
Point 2, dracorat will be a bit less of a problem, since now it will likely be able to be 1 shotted by more dinos given it will focus all boosts to attack and have less HP. We shall see though.
Point 3, as someone who uses 4 dinos with 126+ speed and 4 dinos with less, I will be interested with how this fleshes out. Speedsters will still have a place in the meta, many can slow or are immune to slow, so speed will still be a factor
4 I can’t comment on, but its going to be the same for everyone, so we will all be on similar footing.

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