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Nemesis System

(The name refers in a system of Shadow of Mordor)

Every Dino should have his Nemesis ,in particular more than one.
When a Nemesis Dino enters the battlefield the other Dino will have -10% Attack, -10 Speed and lose all their resistances.(just a suggestion).
That will bring real counters in the arena and more diversity in Strike teams.

Example: Thor would be Nemesis of Tryko-Dio-Sarcorixis-and more
Thor’s nemesis could be Ardentis-Geminititan-Ardontosaurus-Erlidominus-and more

Every Apex,Unique and Legendary Dino should have at least 3-4 Nemesis Dinos even from the Rare and Epic Rarity

QOL Suggestions(Quality of Life) :

  1. Most of the alliances does not use any kind of communication beside the ingame Chat.
    So it is difficult to coordinate raids or Requests
    It would be nice to have an ingame Clock on the map.Without real hours.Instead there will be Stegosaurus,T-Rex,Argentinosaurus hour. 24 Dinoclock with 60min.Then we will all have the same time all over the world.

  2. a)Beside the ingame chat that is needed in Raid Battles,it would be nice to have a raid battle tab.There will be appear all the raids that the raid leader would have made public.So its not needed to wait someone to answer your invitation.People all over the world will enter your Raid.
    b)Participants from the raid could also be able to invite their own friends and not wait the leader of the Raid to invite them all.

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This would make JWA’s system even more like the class system in JWTG, which a lot of people don’t like. I’m not sure if I like it or not.


No thank you