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Nemys Prime

Does anyone know this creatures move set and/or a counter strat

If it’s regular nemys id think a 2 maximas, a tenonto, and a tuo would do

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this nemys is worse than the regular one. shielding strike, deliberate prowl and precise pounce. The crano has a counter attack and 5k health. he is the real boss
edit: carno

Nothing breaks shields, so dioraja might be a solid choice to keep up shields, remove Smilo dodge and have a solid counter attack. Max thago level 25 15 attack boosts should at least take out monolo.

Destroy it maxima/Thor/tenonto/dio

Maxima and Thor are really good to deal with the minion, tenonto or any healer would work, dio as a taunter make it safe

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Ok but stats?

25 and boost, just did the same again with the same team, but tenonto lvl 21 unboost and dio 24 unboost

HP: 21767, Atk 1632, Spd: 143.
Shield Group Strike, 50% shield for 4 atk/4 turns. Primal Prowl : Cleanse, 75% change to dodge 67% dam for 2 turns. Crit 50% increase for 2 atks/1turn.
Precise Pounce: Target lowest HP, precise atk, reduce dam 50% for 2 atks/1 turn.
Stun 100%, Rend, DoT: 80%, Distract, Vulnerable, Speed decrease: 50%.

That’s only for rd 1. Round 2, Primal prowl changes to group shield prowl or something. Can’t recall. Too much going on to take good look.

Minion: L24 Carno-
HP: 4897, Atk 1088, Spd: 120.
Reslient strike, Group taunting shields, cleansing impact. Greater rending counter. -33% hp

L24 Monolo
HP: 3265, Atk 1469, Spd: 145
Distraction strike, Cunning Impact…

Took them out with L23 Toura, 2 L25 Maxima and 1 L25 Thor. With Toura instant accel, Maxima’s group thago and Thor group impact, you can take out the minions in the 1st turn before they can be a bother.

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You will need Shield creature, IIT to taunt the precise Rampage and chomper

I beat that with this team


Carno’s Counter can.

Did it with three people. Took forever, but anything with shields and healing are very effective and a chomper to break shields.


You can do it with 3 people. 2 if both Uniques are highly boosted (and ideally, one for drawing aggro, the other for healing/distracting).

As others have said, it’s Carnotaurus that’s going to be the real threat for the most part, because of it’s counter attack and taunting shield. Take it out first in both rounds, and the rest of the battle should be fairly easy, providing that the creature on your team drawing aggro is kept alive for the majority of the fight, and shields are nearly always up.

I think only the Indominus here was boosted. Tenonto might have had a few boosts, but my Diorajasaur doesn’t have a single boost on it, and we still kicked Prime in its can (though it did get a little dicey at one point).

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Good point, but that won’t work if you’re using instant invincibility or targeting another dino.

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Just did it with @Thylo_75 and someone else

Maxima 25, Tryko 25, Dilorano 18

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The trick was taunting when his pounces came

Ya we did…and then my game crashed :joy:

Lol this stuff is why I went GEH first turn

Well ya that and having super boosted maxima and tryko on your side.

It still worked

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I’ll be right back need to see if I got my rewards

Honestly tryko and maxima are just the best for this battle especially that every time tryko gets hit it’s slowed