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Nene Consentido


Hey guys Dinobot it here. We want to start a new alliance with players that want to participate in the Team Challenges.


Hello Dinobot, I’m Neveno and I want to be part of your alliance


Hey I’m interested in joining too


Hi CP are you interested in being the alliance leader?


Yeah I’m down


We really need to come up with an alliance name so we can get the ball rolling. if anyone has any suggestions please leave them here so we can all have a look in choose one :blush:


When it comes to recruiting… if you look name of the people you have recently had a regular battle with, you will notice near their name is the name of their Alliance. Click on it and it’ll come up with the Alliance details, amount of members etc. Check out their Alliance, see how many people are in it, see how many trophies they have, it will give you an idea of how active they are. If they don’t have a lot of people in their Alliance send them an invite… I have found a few alliances that have between 3 and 6 members… these are the perfect players to poach.


I have sent out some friend requests for some potential new members. If they accept the request I will try to poach them if we still need members once we are set up. Best trying to find players with 2500 trophies and up to start off with as we at least know they are playing regularly… unless our members have friends who are working their way up. I found a German Alliance that has 50 members and all were on 4000+ trophies… :flushed:


Hey guys, we have an alliance called HeWasNumber1. We are very active players and help each other out every time. We don’t care about trophies and you are more than welcome to join us! So we can all get the missions done!! It’s way better to have one big alliance full of active players than two small ones that can’t reach the rank 5. Let me know what you think


You can talk to @Tori_baugh, she’s the leader


Im interested in joining to the new alliance


Thank you for the offer Wilshire… as a matter of interest how many places do you have available? Please be aware I can’t answer for our alliance but can run it by them.


We are 9 ppl now. So everyone is welcome! @Toni_Bell it would be awesome if you can join us so we can all get the rank 5 rewards!!


but guys, if you are planning to join us, dont do it until the rewards for the alliance missions from last week are sent, because you wont get it if you change alliance before receiving them


I’m in for the new alliance


Hey its Dark. Id like to join in the new alliance as well.


If your active, consider joining TheLegends.
Only active players allowed.


Hey Dark you’re welcome to join us. It’s called HeWasNumber1.


Im in count me in Im Ichiquake


nicee, request to join!