Nerf albertocevia

With every updated comes a nee game breaking dino. And currently the most briken one is albertocevia. It has the same problem as paratops where it does too kuch damsge for a dwap in. On top of that its overall kit is better than an apex. And if you thought sarcorixis ever had a problem with ferocious impact just wait till you see albertos priority revenge move. Its basically a deviation with a 1 turn delay. Nef this thing before you go making snymore broken dinos


Another Nerf Thread


Eh at least this one is justifiable


But i really hate nerf threads


Understandable, I think everyone does


How much nerf threads has he created?he is just a nerf person


Way too many
At least this one is somewhat reasonable but still annoying

Are Nerf Threads Annoying
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  • Idk
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Wait till ya see a Unique more broken than Acevia

You again?


It depends on if the creature is actually broken and/or OP, as the case for Albertocevia here


I was actually going to make an Albertocevia nerf thread, but for some reason it got merged with a different topic (that wasn’t really related to mine but whatevs). The point is that this is by far the most justifiable creature for a nerf thread we’ve had in a LONG time. In an unboosted scenario, this creature is among the best in the game, and it gets a whole lot better boosted. This is arguably the strongest creature in the entire game at the moment, and it’s got the stats, abilities, resistances, and matchups to back that up. I’ve already made my own concept for a Cevia nerf in a different topic, so all I’ll say is that this guy needs health, damage, and speed lowered a bit, and big changes to the moveset, specifically the priority 2.25x damage and the swap in. Resistances don’t need to be touched, and its ingredients are a big reason why, it’s supposed to have lots of resistances.

In short, hate nerf threads if you want, but Albertocevia needs it more than anything else.


They aint when the person complains about lo dinos that need nerfs, example: albertocevia

:speech_balloon: well guess it’s useful?

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Some nerf threads are a good thing if the creature really is op

  • Big Nerf
  • Small nerf
  • Small buf
  • Big Buff
  • Nothing

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Not reason enough for censoring topics. You’re just one individual. If you know that you don’t like nerf topics, it should be easy for you not to read them.

The topic is pretty relevant. It really hurts game enjoyment. It is a fact that Ludia brings broken creatures with every update, the game has no balance at all anymore. But it’s really worrying that developers don’t aim at balance either. Their only goal is monetising the new creature in the first couple of months and then bring the next money maker ASAP. The trend has been always clear, but it is just getting worse and worse. Users notice these things and we start quitting the game or playing more casually before quitting. Every broken creature needs to be addressed and for that we only have Nerf posts as a tool. The most urgent broken creatures currently are Albert-OP-cevia, Rexy and Imperato. They need to be balanced ASAP.


Bro there will be a unique more op than Albertocevia

If we get a unique more OP than Albertocevia, it needs a nerf more than Albertocevia does. It’s like solving a food shortage in one place by causing a greater food shortage in another place and telling people to care about that one instead. It leaves you with two problems rather than one.

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What if we get a Apex more broken than the two and it is made entirely out of event exclusives what would happen?