Nerf albertocevia

It would need a nerf. Not that difficult of a concept. If it’s too strong, nerf it.

Can’t you just not talk in it? I don’t see the point of hating nerf threads, especially ones that are justifiable, when it’s your choice whether you want to talk in it or not.


Fine I’ll not talk

That is what has been happening to this game and look at it’s status now

The game suffers a huge powercreep problem and this solution of yours simply worsens it

who said big buff?

Idk, there’s always someone who says the bad idea

Sir, I need your identity…

I said SIR! I NEED Your IDeNtITY!! No DAWDling

Did you hear ME?!

(utter joke, its ok probably just a memer)

oh well, that´s too bad for that one person

at least none of us put small buff

Another nerf tread for a creature that doesn’t need it ofc (I’m joking)

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ME mahahaha!

Or remove this creature entirlet. That would be a good idea. But i know that wont happen because ludia cares onyl about miney and nit a good balanced game

You think removing a creature is related to ludia making money??? Removing a creature is related to hours and hours of grinding and boosting this creature just to be removed. Deleting a creature is impossible and will never happen. Just realize that already.


Here we go again :roll_eyes:

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honestly theyre either gonna nerf-slam it to the ground or introduce a whole new system that counters it such as a new status like age or something

Literally the worst way to solve the issue, I’d rather have Cevia be buffed than removed.

Say you had to pay 20 dollars a month on a subscription normally, but somehow you only had to pay 15 dollars while everyone else is paying full price. You’ve used the subscription for 10 months before the company selling the subscription found out. Instead of the company manually charging you 5 extra dollars per month, they instead force you to pay all of the money you didn’t pay that you should’ve (50 dollars), and they prevent you from using the subscription forever. It’s unnecessary, it’s illegal, and you had no control over any of it.

I genuinely do not care if Ludia decides to nerf Albertocevia so bad it gets put in mid-low elite, Albertocevia is a part of the game and that cannot change. If Ludia actually decides to delete even one creature, I’m quitting the game with no hesitation. You can nerf it, hate it, hate the people that use it, and nerf the creature several times over, but no one takes my precious Albertocevia out of the game just because she’s too strong :heart:


Cevia is probably one of the most powerful creatures in the game. It can take down a skoona without any shield-breaking moves. While generally speaking most nerf threads aren’t really necessary, I would argue a rebalance of Cevia would be good. Not a huge nerf, just something to keep it within meta and not overshadow everything.

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Spell you have auto correct