Nerf Argentyrex and megalotops

Please nerf these two and the compies, im tired of getting my entire team of boosted legendaries defeated by a lvl 13 argentyrex or megalotops! its so annoying at least remove the heal thing and give megalotops a cooldown for its camouflage

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why not? they deserve to be nerfed


They certainly do not, they don’t pose any unbalance to the game as it is right now. What you should do is take a look at your team and strategize ways to defeat them. None of them are a threat in the current meta. They may be annoying where you are if you don’t have the right creatures, but just because you and a low ammount of players don’t know how to fight them doesn’t mean they deserve a nerf.


my team is great at it, but argentyrex still beats them

Diplodocus and Stegodeus might help. Maybe Tsianmoth.

ik, but i use ankylomoloch

Keep ankylomoloch since it’s good.

Could I see you’re team?

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i cant take a screenshot as i use computer but i could give u my username

Sure. I look at it.


also look at my allosinosaurus, it has more attack than a base lvl parasauthops

Argenteryx and megalotops op?
Only in tournaments really

They are not as viable in actual pvp


i fought a lvl 20 megalotops and a lvl 20 argentyrex in pvp

Those are level 20s. What are the levels of your team?

Actually in lower and maybe mid arenas they shine

But i agree they lose their viability once you go up

if you want an easy counter, use Ankylodicurus. It has a high win rate against them. Majundaboa also does good

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use bleed,or group atteck

gonna recomend low level argenteryx and megalotops counters: ankylomoloch,carnotarkus,dsungaia,ankylodicurus,diplodocus,suchotator,antarctopelta and majundaboa some do not work in megalotops well like dsungaia,suchotator and carnotarkus but all these i cited counter teryx

How can you play in a computer? :thinking::thinking::thinking: