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Nerf ceramagnus and lux for the love of all things balanced

Seriously these two are starting to get seriously out of control and now with a boosts reshuffle. They already dominate and now they will just be unstoppable. Seriously ludia we been waiting for months just pls nerf them. And I mean reasonably nerfed.


I can agree with the ceramagnus but Hadros’s nerf should be to replace one of its rampages to an impact


Or replace one of the rampages with a group heal to make it more of a dedicated healer role instead of a damage dealer.


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No longer has such a devestating swap in and slightly worse as a deulist
I wanted to do something to that GA but idk, it’s what makes magnus unique as a ceratopsian

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Slightly deacresed fire power. But more importanly can no longer just come in all of a sudden, do a massive heal, then decelerate the enemy with the counter and do at least 1 rampage. The heal now has a delay but it gains more raid vibility instead

(Vulnerability resistance removed on both of them)


I think wolly Rhino should get that kind of swap in ability as well

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I’d go one step further and give it swap in headbutt like Carbotoceratops (0.5x damage). The stun itself is amazing on Magnus (especially with it’s priority speedup attack), so any damage at all is a bonus. And yes, that would be a good fit for Woolly Rhino too.


I think i spesificly thought of the move for rhino first and then i realised that it kinda makes scense on magnus as well

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Ceramagnus’ stats and kit are borderline absurd. Let me demonstrate a rundown of why it’s so baffling.

1500 attack
4500 HP
30% armor
20% crit
Swap in attack that pierces armor and stuns
Priority speed up attack
Turn 1 Rampage
Stalling 100% stun
Can’t be slowed
Can’t be stunned.

It’s actually a juggernaut.

Upon the swap, If it stuns you, it is almost guaranteed to get to strike you again, essentially hitting you with a rampage worth of damage before your creature can do anything at all. And if it doesn’t, it has 30% armor and 4500 HP to tank that hit before it hits you with that priority move.

And then there’s that said priority move which not only hits you first, but also speeds you up faster than anything in the game, guaranteeing you go first again next turn and with a rampage of all things lined up.

Something needs to be done to tone it down and it needs to be in multiple ways not just one.


Thoughts on lux? Besides how broken it also is.

Lux as a hadrosaur has no business having a counterattack, much less a counter that also slows.

With double rampages it also shouldn’t have a 2x heal, but at least that falls in line with its family tree. Ultimately, it plays like a sauropod with regenerative capabilities.

Its attack needs to go down or the counterattack has got to go.


I mean consider this @Robbiejordan.

It has both the highest turn 1 damage and highest two turn damage. And it can heal. Can’t be slowed, stunned, distracted nor bled. And has basically infinite rampages.

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Think nitro mortys are the only somewhat reliable counters

Yeah but those also added to the apex problem; most cause of there inability to be countered but most cunning that aren’t spxs or bex

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Nerf this nerf that. Another day on the forums another nerf post :roll_eyes:
They’re APEX, clues in the name :man_shrugging:t3:
They aren’t the problem, the problem is how easy they are to unlock and level up.
Magnus for example is arguably the ‘best’ apex yet the raid itself is a breeze
Stick an area gate on them also so they can’t be used in arenas lower than Gyro/Library


Even if they make apex raids harder, they still exist as playable creatures

And nothing thats playable should be able to swap in deal 1.5k dmg and stun u, then get a priority hit and then finish with a rampage (which is what 6k dmg) and while at it gave u only 1 chance to attack

Not to mention it has 20% crit, 30% armour and 4.5k hp

Yeah sure apexes are the highest rarity(tho people argue that they should be equal to uniques not in every way superior), but no creature has the right to be OP


I’m with @CarlBuz on this one. They aren’t easy to get or level because it takes months. An Arena level gate for pvp would make sense though.


Still need a nerf at least on swap in damage, and heal on hadros

Oh here we go again…


I agree that they are a little OP, however, they are Apexes, and as some of you have already pointed out, the problem isn’t how strong they are, but rather how easily accessible they are.

With that said, I started using Magnus before Monolorhino and I have to say that Magnus is not better than rhino, cause it gets trampled by Grypo, Gems, Magna, while Rhino does not, plus he can escape… We’ll see how it’s gonna be once Magnuses (Magni?) start hitting level 30 and have greater health (Still won’t be able to escape Grypos tho)

When it comes to Lux, mine either dies pretty easily, or destroys a half of someone’s team, so I think it’s kinda balanced that way, it can’t get through armor, which makes it harder for it to fight many meta defining dinos like Tryko, rhino or Magnus even, not to mention it can’t slow down the towers… and it also falls prey to Grypo…

I suppose they are a greater problem in lower arenas, while in Shores they have enough counters, so again I guess it’s a problem of easy accessibility rather than being overpowered. But as I said, we haven’t seen them at level 30 yet…


Well said. I probably dont think they are easily accessible to everyone but for the most part its on point.

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