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Nerf Ceramagnus

Please do. Aviary and forward is polluted with Cera. Any nerf ideas :bulb: ? This is the place for them. Attack, swap in, acceleration, or rampage? What do you all think is the problem?

Oh wow, another Nerf Cera thread

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Well i do agree this one needs nerf along side with wrhino, Lux and skoona.

It does, but come on, we’ve got a lot of threads about this, it’s really getting annoying

Don’t read them then ? Just skip past


Keep things civil everyone :sauropod:


Testa and skoona desperately need nerfs as well. They are miles above the competition.

Testa is fine, skoona on the otherhand i will agree is a bit broken, mainly do to the recent resilent “nerf” that gave skoona a vulnerability move.

I respectfully disagree. Testa actually may be more broken than skoona, which is saying a lot. Given its recent major buff it has the overall highest survivability in the game, and thanks to its moveset its damage output is also top tier. Before it was rare for it to get off its devastation, now it can repeatedly use it to sweep your team.

Both testa and skoona need nerfs.

What about skoona’s new instant 1.5x restricted group distraction move? Skoona is all kinds of broken, and this move allows it to beat everything but the high tyrant testa and makes it much harder to revenge kill.