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Nerf Compensation

So in many games when something is nerfed the developers give some kind of compensation to the players for their time/money/effort wasted to get that said thing. In JWA, you can spend a year grinding to get a dino to level 30 and all your hard work can go to waste in an instant without a reimbursement of any kind. This leads to the frustration of the playerbase who may start deserting the game or surely cancelling VIP/spending less money on it making it a lose-lose situation. I definitely think that some form of compensation (either that being coins/DNA/cash/other) should be implemented so as to incentivize players to keep investing in the game without fearing that all their hard work becomes void.


I mean, a game’s a game.
You grind and get a level 30, and it gets nerfed.
So what? It’s a level 30!
The main aspect is catching dinosaurs. It’s weird that you get rewarded for leveling dinos.


You can spoof to 30 and get all of your ingame money back when they ban your account. Are they still doing that?

Too late for that. They’d owe everyone waaaay too much if they tried to compensate for nerfs now.

Im not exactly sure a nerf compensation would work in this game… most of the big nerfs come in the form of dinos getting a new unique. So there is a risk/reward to that. Do you risk deal with the nerf or do you get rewarded now…

Same when you invest money and dna into a dino thats not tyrant tier in hopes it gets buffed… alot of people leveled dio in hopes for a buff and now they get to reap the rewards for leveling a non meta dino.

Give me 3 examples.

Hearthstone, shadowverse, elder scrolls legends

Almost any ccg in which you use a resources earned by destroying extra cards… hearthstone uses dusts normally when use dust a card you 1/4 the value that would be used to create a card. So a legendary costs 1600 dusts to create… but if you dust a legendary you get 400 dust for it. If they nerf a legendary card you get the full 1600 dust from dusting the card when the patch goes live.

Like i said im not convinced it will work here… different game and all.


You can have compensation for your coin spent into OP things, but first you have to return all the rewards you earned with it. Deal?


Another thing to add to this is when you dust a card your destroying it making it so you can no longer use that card… there is no such interaction in this game… if the revert the nerf in a ccg and you dusted it you gotta create it again. If they revert the nerf here you gain a playable dino.

This thread has been done a few times.
With the same arguments on each side.
Some people say you should give back all the rewards you used with the dinos you had. Ithers say that we don’t own anything, it’s all in the small print.
I think both of these arguments are stupid personally.
If I buy a car and all of a sudden the stereo is recalled and not replaced I’m asking for a refund or compensation. I’m also not returning any of the money I earned from my job after driving to work.
My position on the matter is: if a Dino is nerfed you should be able to devolve it. Only if it is nerfed. And yes my opinion is you get back the DNA the coins all of it.
Others will disagree.
They say you should be a fortune teller. Each to their own

I just see them adding a devolve button and it opening themselves up to a whole… i would never have devolved my dio and spent the refunded anky dna on tryko if i knew it was gonna get buffed. I want to undo my devolve.

I look at the monomimus line… people devolve monomimus and put the refund into monostego… then monomimus gets a unique and they want a undo on their undo… even more so now that monostego also got a nerf.

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Exactly that.

I believe your compensation will be paying for boost to make your Dino better in the 1.7 update.

I feel your pain. I was dumb enough to get monomimus to level 22 ready to go to 23 just for them to make it suck the give it a hybrid that’s almost impossible to create because you can’t find Darwin yay.

With devolving dino that you used in a team of 8, you return all trophies gained while that dino was in you lineup for a fight. Tournament rewards and strike tower rewards included.

Devolving or any type of compensation would be appropriate only for new, low level players. Top players and all other high lvl players with dinos over lvl 20 earn enough coins and lots of dna rewards through tournaments and strike towers to cover that loss.

Still any patch before nerfed dino can get a buff.

I don’t agree with that logic. If I buy a tractor :tractor: and after a month it no longer does what it said it would I want my money back. I don’t expect the company to say well you have to pay us back any money you earned from your farm.

First you buy a tractor for longer period than few months. Second you buy it with your hard earned money. In games most players are free to play, only some invest real money for ingame resources. I understand requests for compensations from those players who invest their money in game. However you can’t expect that company will give compensation optiona to all players, including those that didn’t spent a cent on the game.

There are dinos just slightly nerfed or buffed, what about them? What’s the threshold for demanding compensation?
How about a nerfed dino being buffed in the future, should you be forced to re-spend coins on them, even if you are no longer interested or even don’t have the said coins currently?
Balance changes are to be expected. I’ve never heard anyone in Overwatch saying something like “you nerfed my favourite hero to the ground, I am no longer going to play it, I demand the coins I spent for the legendary skins back!”.
The way more drastic changes that happen, to the dinos entire moveset, are always in the dinos favour and not exactly ground for complaining.

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But the Dino was nerfed after only a few months. So that’s exactly the comparison. I just unlocked a Dino and it’s nerfed. I just bought a tractor and it doesn’t do what they said it would when I bought it. I wanted to use the Dino forever I only wanted to use the tractor for 20 years so this could even be argued as being worse. It’s a game I get it but it’s just the philosophy behind the arguments.
Compensation doesn’t need to be actual real money just digital DNA/coins etc.
Also Ludia is making money out of F2P players with advertising.

What! Tell that to Monominimus