Nerf Compsoraptor

I really don’t like playing nerf but this thing is absolutely ridiculous
Here it is for reference

This is not beta content

Oh they will, in a few months after people stop shilling out for it… :money_with_wings:


Like ludia cant even follow a decent stat distribution.

Beta has 2400 base hp lv26
Tarbognathus has 3000 base hp lv26

Composoraptor has 3450 base hp lv26
Surely that means its hp should be around 2.8k hp base lv26
Also playful pounce needs a new icon its so miss leading.

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only need this thing needs is hwalth

but from the looks of it dilo also needs some sizeble nerfs

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Dilo needs some of the fancy status effects reduced from the heals
Maybe Group Heal and Alert Instant Heal???

why is it even immune to distraction still boggles me

this thing literally has 2 rampages

Ankylos Lux is balanced
If you think it is a problem clearly you’ve never fought an Albertocevia


yeah it should lose swap prevent immunity


Nah it’s fine
The only relevant matchup that affects is Imperatosuchus which already annihilates it
Anky lux might have been OP six months ago but it’s balanced now
Anyway any good fierce can easily take care of it
What’s your team

Stun resistance?!?
That is the one thing stopping this thing from being a god
Anyway I didn’t see the rest of the rework

excuse me did you just buff it

It may not be a beta build of the game, but it is beta content

that’s because ludia always makes uniques with 3300 HP or higher.

That’s not a nerf that’s a buff

depends on the matchup,against some like skins it’s a buff since it probably can trade or survive with low HP,think the stun resistance needs to be toned down to 50%

It doesn’t need stun resistance at m
This creatures needs a nerf not a buff

which is why the ho was 2.8l in the post

HP doesn’t matter for a flock very much

it does,if skip a bypass dodge with gdr on t1 it loses no matter what