NERF Diorajasaur

the swap in plus shield shattering counter attack too strong…

even cloaked lvl 29 erlikodominus can’t kill just swapped in dio. tryko was killed by counter attack…

that’s crazy!!!

and also i don’t know why some people have both tryko and diorajasaur at lvl 30 at the same time and just in less than ONE MONTH!!!



Same reaction

both diorajasaur and grypolyth are uniques…
BUT grypolyth easily killed by swap in diorajasaur in two shots…

Ummm… Well, hello, Diorajasaurus is an Erlidominus counter… You know… Tank with shield and armor. Doesn’t that ring a bell of “Don’t use Erlidominus against the damned thing!” ???

For real. Maybe don’t bring a knife to a gunfight and be surprised you have lost.

And on Trykosaurus… If Diorajasaurus beat your Trykosaurus 1 v 1 you need to uninstall the game. Like right now. If it killed Trykosaurus on already low hp… News flash, every single creature with Swap in Ability and / or counter attack can do that.


thank you but i think my tryko can beat your dio

That is the point. Diorajasaurus should in every single situation lose a 1 v 1 against Trykosaurus no matter what…

So, again, if you say your Trykosaurus can whoop my Diorajasaurus’ behind, why do you exactly complain about Diorajasaurus beating Tryko? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

This is funny because a good portion of people still think Dioraja isn’t good enough :joy:


i think they don’t have high lvl dio yet…over lvl 28 he 's a monster

facing it, indoraptor is a baby, utari is a boy, tuora is a girl, erliko sometimes a baby, sometimes a man…magna a boy too…

Ludia, the filters suck but you can make them so much better by adding the word nerf to it. If you do that, I’ll never complain about the filters again.


Is this the first “nerf” post of 1.5? Never thought I’d see a “nerf dioraja” one.


i wish i could nerf them lol. its getting rediculous now.

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“even cloaked erli level 29 can’t kill him”??
That sentence metorphore is same like “even my velociraptor level 29 cannot kill stegodeus”

Certain dino A is not design to kill dino B bro.

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Classic, when somebody rely on dinos and their abilities instead of outbraining opponent.
Again nerfomania.

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Dioraja loses to every chomper, period. It’s a tank with only pitiful 3900 HP…

Diorajasaur, along with magnapyritor and tuoramoloch are by far the 3 weakest uniques. It’s common knowledge to almost everyone.


Wow…Seriously? Any more dinos you’ve lost to and want to add to the list?

If anything Dioraja needs a buff. It should have slightly more health and long defense. When a common is more useful than a unique for swap in damage, you know there’s a problem.


Nerf Godzilla? How dare you?! (Sorry, I know that Dioraja isn’t actually the “Big G”, but I just came into this after seeing the new trailer for the next Legendary G flick, and I got a little excited. To be fair though, Dio is pretty much Godzilla as far as the game is concerned…)


The way you post and reply to criticism makes me genuinely wonder if you’re a troll or just suck at the game.


Damn now im just sore my comment got so many likes and got moderated :frowning: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: @Hersh @wrothgar @Pateradactyl


My ultra VIP should nerf all my opponents! Get on it Ludia!!

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