Nerf dodging to 66%


Here is my suggestion nerf dodging for every dino to 66%.

Its so nasty you can hit ornito 4x Times and every time this stupid dino dodge. Same smilodo!!!

The op indos and procerato you can also nerf too

you should have been here during 1.8


We’ve already been through this, before. Dodging already got a nerf in that you still take damage even if successful, which is why the success rate was boosted. Get some Null, Precise, and Definite attacks. You can also use crit inducing moves to get more damage on a creature who’s dodging, as crit damage isn’t mitigated.

There are plenty of dinos that can handle dodgers.


Dodge is fine these days. There are plenty of ways around it.


Dodge may be fine in the arena but not in tournaments. Currently there are only a handful of dinos that can nullify and they don’t make the top 8 unless you choose them for that one specific reason.

0.75 * 0.66 = 0.5

It’s a stochastic shield. Get over it.

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Hard disagree, there are so many counters to dodge nowadays and with every update dodge keeps getting indirect nerfs because ludia keeps giving strong creatures with moves that counter dodge (i.e. definite rampage) that counter dodge enough already.


You probably missed, Monomimus glory days. That bird was untouchable.

Dodge is fine now.


I hate dodges, but there’s nothing I hate more in this game than RNG. There’s enough of that already.


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I’ve missed more dodges than I’ve dodged. so no. they are fine.


Imo, dodge is fine. there’s plenty of ways around it and it allows some damage through.
you have not truly hatted dodge until your opponents indoraptor or monominimus has 3+ successful dodges in a row, taking no damage. Gosh that was so bad.


As annoyed as I am that dodge got nerfed to let damage through, it’s honestly fine now. If anything, I’m probably just annoyed that you still take damage while “dodging”. I mean, how do you dodge an attack and still take damage? That just doesn’t make logical sense. But then again, my brain tends to look at things very literally and analytically, so it’s probably just that. :joy::joy::joy:

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If we go by that logic then stuns should get a nerf. Let’s compare the 2
If you dodge: you negate 66% damage(can die if really low hp)
If you stun: opponent loses a turn, most likely gain damage(4/7 stunning moves deal damage), and you have one less turn till a big attack


Note that this is if dodge was nerfed. I just want to say that if dodge is nerfed then stun should also be

And if the chance si 66% to dodge 75%