NERF Draco g2 NOW if you have any self respect, Ludia! 😡




What was the point of this topic again?


To initiate an open and safe dialogue about the importance of humor?


Sniped a Level 26 Spinotasuchus last night with my level 19 Dracorex2 . It never stops being funny seeing that doofy lillttle dino trot out and chomp, you dead Trykosaurus. Haha! I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Humour? Yes we can do that!


self respect??? LOLOLOLOLOL

there’s no limit on SD coins… they have none left to lose. hence, dracorex gen 2 :man_shrugging:


how about this:
give every creature in game a standard dodging chance of 1% :rofl:


Cause that won’t piss anyone off…

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you spent coin getting that thing to lvl 20… karma bro KARMA!!!:grin:

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Some one tried to draco rex me, but the little guy wasn’t high enough level to finish the job. My next attack was a crit and down he went in one blow. There are times I really like my I.rex. :joy:

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.01% is better

I hope that made you feel like a big man

Jk bro :grin: Yeah, iRex is a beast. I’m seriously starting to think iRex and Indo are the 2 biggest differences between players in Lockdown and players in Lockwood.

Did i just get clickbaited?


Then go to the memes topic, all we want on the forums is a conversation! I get enough laughs at ludias attempt at a battle system😂!

There’s always a common that can be over-leveled and find a place on any team, first it was Velociraptor, then Tany, now it’s Drac G2’s turn. It’s not that OP, there’s a reason only a couple of top 20 players use it. Leave it alone Ludia.

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This is true. It’s a specialist that can easily put your team at a disadvantage if not used wisely. The swap in ability is incredible, no doubt, but the rest of its stats and move set have been designed in a well balanced way. Seeing them all over the map today made my cynical side think, “nerf inbound.”

Not that great. A level 25 Dracorex 2 swapped in for the kill twice against me. I still won.

Exactly, but then why did I just discover another thread full of alarmists calling for NERF hammers to be dropped before they even tried thinking through what counters they can use. This gameplay will be so stale if the loudest minority of players are given their way every time they get riled up.

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The thing I hate about those calling for nerfs is they are so short sighted. Instead of sitting down and thinking about tactics to deal with troublesome dinos, they just cry and shout and scream until it’s changed to their liking.

Once that happens, inevitably another dino will take the nerfed one’s place as the thorn in their side and screaming ensues anew.