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Nerf Elasmotherium!

Sorry, nobody had started a nerf thread since 1.7 dropped, so thought I would get it started.

So yeah, nerf Elasmo because well… it’s kind of furry and has a much bigger horn than our beloved Majundasuchus?


Nerf the horns!


Because over 3/4 of PvP battles failed.
If we can’t even do battles successfully, we can’t figure out which creatures are too OP.


Well yes, there is that I suppose :thinking:

Well…this wasn’t a nerf thread I was expecting…


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Or a nerf thread for Elasmotherium…


Nerf Titanaboa!!!


Nerf drone darting!!


Nerf Ceratosaurus because he stronk

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Since when have we ever needed experienced reasoning to beg for nerfs?


:joy::joy::joy:I’m laughing a lot!:joy::joy::joy:

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Ill agree with @JHVS on this point …

Maybe we should take a moment before
Unleashing “Hell”


I see your point, but if we ever needed one - c’mon fur and horns?

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Now, if we had a Elasmo - Koola hybrid… Hmmmm…

In all seriousness… I say to nerf Elasmotherium.

I can’t dart it properly, I can’t fight without the game lagging severely. And my moves disappear everytime I put it in. Whether I’m using it, or fighting against it, it makes my moves disappear, and I’m forced to either wait for the timer to go out, or make a mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

Nerf it. Need all the Cenozoics!

Oi leave my rhino alone, it’s one of the few cool things that came out of 1.7 X-D

Lol I was just kidding about really nerfing it. I just want the lag on the Cenozoics to stop.

The darting for elasmotherium is actually really bad, the galloping motion it has makes the target move forward and back while you’re trying to aim, so not only do you have to try to judge where he’ll be when you fire, you have to wait for him to land on his front feet so he doesn’t slide back and make your dart miss.

In for a penny in for a pound i always say so on that note i say we …
** nerf every last dino in the game **
that way everyone is back to scratch where we are all at * ground zero *
and have to play the game the way it was meant to be played when it
was first released >>> ** a level playing field where all players had to
put their skills on the line to win a battle against another opponent and
not use some airy fairy hyped up dino to win the game / battle etc.
These days its all about who can BOOST THE HECK OUT OF THEIR DINOS
that wins the game / battle by using ramped up power, health, speed etc
to clobber their opponent before the opponent clobbers them kind of like a
knock down knuckle fest with 2 fighters going toe to toe in the boxing ring
to K.O. the other guy as fast as possible before they pull a blasted ace
out of their sleeve.
( read as = 195 speed, 8,750 damage, and 40 bajillion health dracoceratops ) hint hint!