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Nerf eremoceres

The legendary deer sloth is good. In fact. 9ts too good. It is arguably the best legendary in the game. It lives forever, it can dodge, distract, sheild. Speed up, gain health back. Its already super fast, this thing needs a big nerf

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Bruh… Eremo is fine, its balance. Try to use mammotherium, carnotarkus, anything with high armor and damage to counter him.


Another nerf thread :unamused:


It’s balanced. Leave it be


Still don’t see why it needs a nerf, if it was as good as you said I would have thought more top tier players would be using it like rixis or metrodon before their nerf
Its fine, it has no huge reason to be nerfed


It’s good and somewhat annoying to fight without a resilient but overall I think it’s balanced

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Oh boy here we go again; just no it’s fine. Just use a resilient like mammotherium, ankytron, nodopatotitan, stegodeous, alankylosaurus, even some cunnings do well like diplovenator especially those with constant distraction.


No, Eremoceros DOESN’T need a Nerf, it’s fine as is!


Ha, I knew I’d see this topic eventually, my Eremo has been taking down two dinos on a few matches.

But as others here have said, a lot of resilient dinos destroy her. I find Indoraptor 2 can also pose a challenge if used correctly.


Depends but mostly it’s in eremoceros’ favor. I my self have used Dig-in or camouflage turn 1 just to make sure I’m faster. Or if I shield I try to predict when it will go for MF then speed up to get the benefits. However CS spam is effective but so is SDS spam

Dodocevia can also be good but the outcome completely depends who acts first

I’m ok with Eremoceros,it’s quick,healing,and a dodging resilient.
If you want a better one to fight for eremoceros,just pick a brachiosaurus,it kills a eremo with a single scratch if played correctly.

Eremoceros isn’t OP at all. She’s annoying to face but certainly not in need of a nerf.

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I guess you will just need to make one for yourself. Eremoceros and Poukadia are good against all the Indominus Rex’s everyone has at my level. I just added both Pouka’s. I think I will soon actually have a good team of birds once I get the Epic and Unique Compo’s.



Eremoceros counters would include the Titan noodles, Magnapyritator, or Monolometrodon, bleeders, Quetzorion. Basically, anything that removes dodge.

If these become a thing with Pouka’s and I want to win badly, I’ll just change my team out. A balanced team is the best but you don’t always get the creatures you need for each battle. About the time I could have used Eremo or Gemini, I didn’t get them picked.


what is it with people wanting nerfs for creatures that are perfectly fine


like if you have resilient it can get destroyed like mammotherium is an expert counter for eremoceros this tournament


I don’t use eremoceros and have only battled it a few times, so I’m not one to speak out against this. But it seems it has a few usable counters so this is just another nerf thread because something is “op”

Whats next nerfing dimorphodon? Seriously stop it

I ran into this one in the Aviary, the problem is stat increases.
Screenshot_20210615-173703_JW Alive