Nerf Erlidominus

I’ll explain:
•Good HP
•High Attack
•Insane and buffed speed (128>129)

This beast since last update is only countered by raptors and those are KO’d in first turn since inmunity and Rampage. I suggest removing Inmunity or insane speed nerf

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It’ll prob happen dude just wait till next update

i dont have an erlidominus and not even close to creating, but…no.


Only countered by Raptors?

I think I see the problem here…

…and no it does not need a nerf. It just got enough of a buff to really be worth the risk of running it to me.


Erlidominus fits its rarity tier in the uniques category. The ingredients require erlikos, and for the norm, one of the most difficult epics to find. Indom is just indom, and with the Trex shortage, it makes sense. Yes it’s powerful and op, but I can see why :man_shrugging:t3: Ludia did say they were going to do adjustments base on the required ingredients.


Yeah it should not be nerfed. The ingredients for it is so hard, and I believe this Dino should be where it’s at right now.


It doesn’t need a Nerf because its difficulty matches how hard it is to obtain.


And the “Nerf this creature because i lost a game against It” begins.


Ironically I haven’t faced one yet. I’m sorna marshes so higher Unique I’ve faced yet is Indoraptor xD

I’m Just complaining about him/her due to Its moveset is highly OP lol

Erlidominus is perfect the way he is. He’s got a tiny amount of HP and his attacks fail to go through shields. Both of which can be used to your advantage. Please stop with the “nerf X because I lost to it, it’s so OP!” With the exception of a dino or two, we have a very healthy meta right now. Don’t ruin it for everyone.


Lol it has miserable hp. 3k at level 26 is a joke so that argument is dead. Its only countered by raptors? lmao. Any armor or shielding dino ruins erlidoms life.


Hahahaha you didnt even face it and you want it nerfed hahahaha
Also It has 3k at 26 and you think that is “High”? LOL



*Erlidom doesn’t need a nerf per se, and the new changes make sense… except the speed buff. with the speed-up strike it already has, increasing its speed even more is kinda ludicrous. If anything, it just needs its speed back to what it was, and all the other new changes kept as-is


Nerf everything that I lose to. Would you like a participation trophy and a cookie as well? However I agree with Hersh not overly sure why it got a speed boost with its speed up strike.


i think it needs it’s damage nerfed and HP buffed. it deserves to outclass indoraptor, so i have no problem with 129 speed. erlikosaurus is way harder to get than v-raptor.

but unless you own one, you don’t realize how many times it gets one-shotted. yes if it dodges it will shred your team, but but so will indoraptor and monomimus. mine is 23 and has like 2500 HP which is utterly ridiculous. its only like 300 more than a 20 erlikosaurus :joy: :man_shrugging:


Yea i have one its 26. Cant tell u how many times ive been rampaged>instant charged by a utarinex and got killed or cloaked and got crit killed by either a cleanse or rampage from an indo. Not to mention 90% of people still use stegod which utterly destroys erlidom, or a higher level spinotahsuchus using crit impact kills it. Multiple things kill it


yes it really needs to be the same level as a spinotasuchus or higher, which is difficult to do. most i see are 25+

Use tanks to counter it. Make sure you go for shield first. Even if erlidominus cloaks after you shielded, the shield will remain active because erlidominus will go first and the shield will only vanish after you performed your attack.

This patch buffs it to match other stong uniques but still makes it counterable by most tanks. I personally think it’s good because it’s now worth using and tanks are not dead.

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Tell me about it im 27th on the board. If i see any dino below level 28 im having a good day

it’s funny as hell you complain about Erlidominus when that abomination Diloracheirus exists. :rofl: