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Nerf Evasive Stance

3 turn is too much with %75 chance. It can be 2 turn.



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You clearly missed evasive stance era, when successful dodge resulted in 0 damage.

As I said multiple times, evasive stance now is powerful, but not broken, as it was in mentioned era.


Evasive stance and Dodge in general already got nerfed and doesn’t need another one. Learn how to play around it, is not that difficult.


Please. Especially with the lack of proper dodge counters nowadays. It’s such a crutch for situations you would normally need to use strategy to get out of. But no, hit evasive and become immune to damage for 3 turns. Oh and you can’t be stunned or distracted. Yeah, that sounds pretty balanced to me.

Dodging is fine now. There are already plenty of ways around it what with nullifiers and those annoying precise attacks.


Does not need a nerfing. Plenty of counters for Evasive stance.


Please tell me that you joking. There are counters for dodgers in every single arena. Even if you are a beginner or in mid or in high arenas. Nullifiers like dilos, koolas, tany, tator, edmonto,procerato,gemini, ankystro, orion, magna, monolometro, monomimus, then precise attackers like smilo, smilocephalus, nemys, blue, gamma, spinonyx, spyx, purru, tarkus and even precise counters like diplovenator, dioraja. And of course other dodgers.


Spare me. Well over 80% of them flat out lose to Indoraptor, the main issue, and even more lose to Procerathomimus. Besides, that’s not even the point. Dodge is too oppressive to the current meta. Basically if you aren’t a nullifier you lose to ES users. You do incredibly little damage, pitifully chipping away at their team while they just shred your team. No matter how you slice it, evasive stance is a problem. It is toxic to the game, and needs to be reworked as soon as possible for the health of the game. It shouldn’t be such a big damage absorption crutch.

No it doesn’t. :man_facepalming:


Evasive is fine as is. It used to negate all damage. Now it’s now 2/3s. All dodge got balanced. There are counters for dodge, and plenty of them.

Speaking of indoraptor, it used to be suseptable to stuns and distraction. But when dodge got nerfed horribly, it was given those immunities to make up for it. Since dodge is better now, it may not need both of those immunities anymore. But its Evasive stance does not need to be touched.


The absolutely nonsensical thing about indoraptor is immunity to distraction. IT HAS CLEANSE. It needs to lose immunity to distraction.


I think it’s fine the way it currently is. No need to change one way or the other.


They give Indoraptor immunity to distraction, cause Dio just destroyed it 1 on 1 after dodge changes.


deceleration: am I a joke to u

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Evasive stance is fine for Indoraptor. You can still slow it, speed up other dinos or use priority moves to get multiple attacks in a row. I feel like it’s only OP with Procerat since it is immune. You can’t slow it. It can ID before IC. Evasive stance on everything but Procerat is good the way it is.

Ummm sir, I’m afraid that you have used all caps, THAT’S VERY VERY BAD!

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While we’re at let’s nerf stuns, Their only counter is immune Dino’s and the stun can keep my dino from attacking for a whole turn :astonished:

I don’t agree. Actually I believe it shouldn’t even exist. Same with any other evasion move and swap in damage. Things that ruin the game. But that’s just me…

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