Nerf Fukuimimus (balance her - doesn't need to be a huge nerf)

Normally I do not call for nerfs, but this thing is wow. Fukui needs a nerf (PS I have a Fukui - so for me to want a nerf on something I own is a big deal… I also do not like nerf threads).

Nothing drastic:
Decrease its base speed to 112, and take away about 400 hp. That should balance her up a bit. Right now she is too dominant and drags out battles to the nth degree.

The other option is maybe take away the counter, and then give a cooldown of 3 to Shelter, or keep the counter, give shelter a cooldown of 3, and decrease the HP by about 300.

It’s also very hard for people who do not live in Europe to unlock and lever her up. Aside from raids, which will take eons to get her to 30, it’s nearly impossible. This is one of those creatures that has an unfair advantage and is nearly impossible to get because it’s locked behind the continental hybrid wall.

A creature that uses continental exclusive components should not outclass everyone in its own rarity (aside from Rexy, but Rexy doesn’t count lol).


I can kill it with argenteryx


I can kill teryx with it as well without too many issues

This means I can kill The fu with argenteryx

This means the opposite


I am well aware of that, so I don’t really know what you are trying to say. My point is just because you can kill Fukui with a teryx doesn’t mean teryx is a counter. It isn’t. It’s highly situational for Teryx to take down a fukui - and fukui does a great job taking out teryx.


For me Both teryx and fu are evenly matched

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I would disagree for myself personally, but even if it was evenly matched that is just one creature. Fukui mows down almost everyone else besides ankymoloch and rexy. Even then Fukui can take out moloch because if it’s on a healing spree, it’s very difficult to get around that.

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While u were replying:

What does the immortal hadrosaur need?
  • Nothing
  • Big buff
  • Medium buff
  • Small buff
  • Big nerf
  • Medium nerf
  • Small nerf :+1:

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I think the speed needs to be closer to 110 or 112. HP 4400 looks good overall. That’s a very nice rework :heart_eyes:

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is there such a thing as a medium nerf? I want it to be viable, just not immortal :rofl: It’s like Testa battles used to be but worse lol

Updated both, the rework and the poll

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HP of 4400 can’t work. It has to divide by 30 or 150. I will say Distraction resistance could be 75%

Its the same issue as paratops.just reduce the ridiculous amounts of healing it can do and it’ll be fine

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(Swap in Distraction also removed)


Even thops you can play around pretty easily, but fukui becomes the faster thing in the game with one heal and has a 100% chance to dodge with another. Really stupid mechanics. It should lose the counter, doesn’t need even more healing, and It also needs an hp and resistance/heal nerf, that’ll probably be enough to balance it


Alright but… what does this fix?

It can still swap in on many things without swap in distract because of it’s inherant bulk with all the heals. Like it can swap in on ankydac and sinok and win now even though they are distract immune, I don’t think removing the swap in will help.

75% distract resist is also barely a change, distract has a 5% damage reducing on fukui factoring in the counter. I don’t think this is enough

The hp is illegal. 4350 should work.

It’s just slightly worse, not much to say. It’s hard to nerf a creature in a way that keeps it effective in its specific niches, keeps it viable (which is especially difficult for how much of a mess the legendary meta is), and keeps it accurate to its components and current self.

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So it’s basically what happened to ref? A rework but not really lmao it’s still broken

Yeah, kinda. It’s still super strong and has its balance issues, but it is slightly more tolerable especially with the swap in gone. In a realistic sense, if this nerf were to happen, I’d nerf it bit by bit until players are eventually satisfied with it, which is what I wish Ludia would do with Ref. They don’t gut it instantly, but slowly make it weaker until it’s eventually balanced which decreases the risk of overdoing or underdoing it.

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