Nerf galimimus!


Galimimus is impossible to hit. This is ridiculous. Please nerf the evasive strike to be on a cool down or have something towards a 30% chance to miss or maybe 40% but NOT 50% chance to miss


Really? :joy: mate just get something with nullifying abilities and most dinos can easily one shot it when it doesnt dodge it, and its damage is so low, you should be fine :man_facepalming::joy:


“Please Ludia hear me and nerf all the dino I don’t use. They are way too strong they kill my team. If you can also buff all the dino I use I would be able to win a lot ! I will provide you the 8 dinos I want you to boost (and only them)”



Did you even ever noticed this kid’s stats?
Such weak dino don’t need any nerf. (Yes, this pic is at lv15)

BTW, Ornithomimus is totally stronger version of Galli.
Far more better hp, and 131 spd.


Ornithomimus is now out there … farm as much as you can during this Event (starting in 5 min).

New Mimus-Meta replacing Raptors.