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Nerf hardros lux

Nerf magnus its op.
Now that thats said merf testacornubus. Between all its armor and heal abilities its way too hard to kill.
And the real problem, lux. Because of what you did to the resilient creatures hardris lux is not the most broken creature in the game. All yoy need to do is press rampage and be the slowest and you’ll win. It should lose some attack and lose its counter. Please nerf the monsters

Testa is definitely overturned. Removing a point of speed and one of the heals (probably the counter) should be enough.

Lux being able to kill chompers turn 1 if slower isn’t ideal. Idk what to do for her tho. Maybe a slowing counter again and an impact instead of a rampage available turn 1?


I don’t think testa should lose the counter or any of the heals, i think the ability fits testa with all the healing gimmick. What i think should be done to balance It is replace cleansing decelerating impact for superiority impact, nerf stats( something around 4050 hp, 1000 damage, 124 speed(no need for It to be that fast)), and lose some resistances. The ones i think It should lose completely are swap prevent resistance, vulnerability resistance and probably deceleration resistance. With It being a faster resilient, It can outspeed fierce(which isn’t a problem as long as fierce can kill It in 2 turns), and being bulky enough to counter any cunning, i don’t think It should have advantages over other resilients as well, so removing decel and vulnerability resistance would solve that. The swap prevent is straight out an advantage against fierce, so It needs to go.
That’s all I’d do to balance It.

As for lux, i agree with your idea there. It should lose the rampage for an impact, perhaps resilient impact or superiority impact, and get a medium slowing counter

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Hadros got nerfed and changed to oneshot wonder. Its good when can oneshot creatures, as after first hit is usually sitting duck.

Just benched my Hadros for Spinocon.

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i run both. but still, Lux shouldn’t be able to 1shot Mortem. so its either give chompers more health, or bring lux’s damage output down a bit. so it cant do that but still effectively counter cunnigns.

i know i said give lux a decel counter and an impact instead of a rampage turn one, but then we still have the issue with it getting the speed advantage on fierce for the finishing blow. its a tricky one to work with without completely gutting it. especially with this narrow speed scale.

It’s not how I would approach it but it’s a good idea. Definitely an interesting approach, but I’ll take it as long as Testacornibus is still viable and not nerfed to the ground. Testa is my favorite creature.

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I agree, i definitely don’t want It nerfed to the ground, far from It. The changes i suggested are mainly to make It more easily countered by fierce, but still keeping the healing gimmick that i think is pretty cool, while also being a good anti swap creature with the on escape heal. It just seems to have unnecessary resistances, a move that counters bleed and too high stats, too bulky, too fast and too high damage for what It does, heals more than It should, so much that even fierce creatures have trouble taking It down, so i feel that could be the best option to balance It without making It weak or lose Its identity.

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It’s a lot of fun, just have to finish boosting it

Lux needs a nerf maybe he should loose the counter. Testa was too week befor the buff so a nerf is unnecessary