Nerf it!


Totally against it! You work your butt off to get a certain Dino, cause you’ve fought against it, lost, and are impressed by its capabilities… And then, it gets nerfed, because various cry-babies that have lost battles, complain about it for being too powerful… Unfair to say the least… Let them cry!


Complaining about people complaining and calling people cry babies when you right now are being a cry baby, well, you should take a long look in the mirror and see that you are just the same as the people you are complaining about.


:popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:(complete sentence)


Not complaining… Just expressing my dissent! :smile:


The game has to keep changing and adapting to new releases and updates. It’s a good thing.


Looks like you’ve been stunned three times in a row! :smile:


I’ve been stunned 3 times in a row plenty of times, I have also stunned people 3 times in a row plenty of times. What goes around comes around. So what was your point again?