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Nerf maxima and tryko. (But mostly maxima)

Dear ludia,
Tryko used to be perfectly balanced, but this update you have made him far to powerful.
As for ardentismaxima he has always been high tyrant, but with no mor immunity and two rampages he is the most overpowered dino in the game. Please nerf them


But maxima is weak to bleed… so is tryko… hey I’ve got an idea.

Thylacotator. It shreds both of them.


Thylo does beat them but that really doesn’t mean they aren’t OP


When are we going to understand that this game always needs to have a tyrant creature? Yet we always cry “nerf this nerf that!”. Let’s just play the game and have fun! You win good, you lose? Better your team! Just have fun guys! :man_shrugging:t2:


Nahhh… that’s seems totally fair and balanced.

What if these creatures make the game not fun? The game doesn’t need one or two creatures that are way above everything else. It serves to provide lesser skilled players with a tool to somewhat consistently win, especially when it’s given out for free like Max and Tryko, but that’s the only benefit.


Exactly, having 1 and a half counter while it slaughters everything else doesn’t mean it’s “fair game”. It just turn the game into who pulled his Max/has the bigger one which to be honest, is already like that right now where I am. It’s not that other dinos are useless or weak, it’s just that Max is in a league of its own entirely.

It just feels like advantage tourneys where you just pray you pull your tournament powerhouse (procerat flashbacks anyone ?) or that the guy you’re facing didn’t draw his.

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We need more than just Thyla as a counter. The other bleeders need a buff so then can finally function properly as well.


I also have a problem to deal with them, but I think there are several counters… Do you remember Suchotator? Or Thyla? Or even Marsupial Lion? Tarkus? Daryx?

Before update Maxima was really a pain in my… whatever… now, at least, I can deal better against the big tower.
Tryko is a bit trickier, but you can also deal with it… using another system… Good Luck!

Why does it need one?

Stop coming here to cry over the fact that you have lost to a rival dinosaur that you do not have. It is your fault because you organize your increases in statistics and resources yourself. So stop crying because your rival beat you. You harm the rest of the players who have that dinosaur and for your complaints as a newbie.

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Voicing a reasoned and seemingly valid point about something isn’t “crying” you’re response is closer to fitting that description… maybe some of us just get bored fighting the same Dino over and over again and feel the game would be a lot more fun if it were more balanced…


Yeah, I managed to turn Thylacotator into Thylapotato when I swapped out my smaxima and killed it with something else. So yeah, Smaxima can bleed but it likely won’t.


Forget about views. Here this type of people do not want to go out to collect DNA they have so little stock piled that the only thing they are looking for are nerfeos and that they marry them and this is the toxicity of this community makes them easier to use the forums because they lost against a dinosaur that is practically easy to kill it with bleeding

Forget about views, may as well not have a forum then

Well, almost everybody has this dino now. Its dna has been given a lot lately. I never worked for him but have it at Level 29(my team average 28-29). Yes, I have it and I also want it balanced because he is too strong.


I refuse to support this type of opinion about nerfeos because they are all lazy players and I do not like that they nerfeen something because it cost me my time and resources to get it. What follows after nerfeos in tournaments or bosses? hahaha fence people

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Actually, you didn’t invest in Maxima thinking “One day it’ll get 2 rampages and a ton of extra hp and its instant invincibility will gain 2 turns.” Neither did I. I have one, and it feels pretty nasty when I use it against people because often there’s nothing they can do to me. They bring Thylacotator to bleed it? I swap to something else and kill their Thylacotator, as long as I’ve spared something as backup.


That’s why you don’t see. my point of view. The goal is to win whatever it is to have your four incubators and rest your mobile. You also do not like the idea of ​​spending an hour in the sand losing many games because you do not want Ardentismaxima while the others are with dinosaurs superior to yours. Better to use Ardentismaxima if you have the opportunity and ready. If you do not have it, you lose sand or turn off your mobile and play later