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Nerf Monolometrodon please

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Saying “nerf Monolometerodon” is too generic, so I think a lot of people are getting alarmed over nothing. Monolometrodon can easily be nerfed in a specific way, without affecting any of its good matchups at all. Monolometerodons strong matchups against stuff like Tryko are fine, and don’t need changing. Monolometerodon even represents an important counter for Thor in lower arenas. The problem is that Monolometerodon itself is too hard to counter. Even saying stuff like “just make your own Monolometerodon” highlights this problem, since the best and most accessible counter for Monolometerodon is another Monolometerodon. Having an overcentralized meta like this is never good for the game. Remember when Indo Gen 2 was one of it’s own best counters, so basically everyone was running one? Remember how boring that got? Removing distraction resistance simply allows cunnings to actually counter Monolometerodon. So Monolometerodon’s matchups against anything without distraction wouldn’t change at all. We could use a reason to run more cunnings right now anyway, right? It’s not a big nerf overall, but it is a necessary one.


We just want to remove the distraction resistant and lowering rend resistant to 33-50%, it will still good but cunning creature can counter it.


the sun is sometimes too hot, you know what? I’m gonna make a sun nerf thread

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In agreement Monolo must be nerf and Dracoceratops must also be nerf, they are too charged and very simple its fusion elements


Draco is fine. Same with mono, who stinks turn 3

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Two legendaries made from 2 of the most common commons on par or better than uniques made from multiple epics? Definitely feels like they’re “fine” to me


I’m not sure how anyone can justify the strength and abilities of Monolometrodon given its components are 2 simple commons.

It’s taken me the best part of 2 years to get my Magna up to level 28 and Monolometrodon is capable of pretty much the same health, abilities and damage. How is that not ridiculous?


This not true. First of all, while it’s speed is close, it’s still quite a ways away when you look at the speedsters. The majority outspeed it and usually win. Velociraptor, troodon, indo gen 2, magna, spyx, erlidom, gamma, and so on. Then look at the output. While similar for turn 1 and 2, turn 3 is why it’s not op. It can only strike, unlike magna who can still deal massive damage. As for the components, it’s a fact of life that ludia didn’t follow that rule. They really haven’t, and probably won’t really either

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Missing the point

Missing the point. The endgame is the just the end, there’s other parts too, where Monolometrodon’s “stinky” turn 3 is not going to stop anyone from using it for lack of anything better.

So what is the point then? Monolometrodon lacks relevant counters in the mid-arenas. Saying that it gets beaten by Velociraptor and Arctops and Procerathomimus is as fallacious as saying you should use Velociraptor to counter Magna, because no one in their right mind is going to boost those creatures in Marshes and Aviary and Library, and for good reason. What would be good creatures to invest in to beat it are Legendaries and Uniques, but Monolometrodon lacks Legendary counters, and is always going to be higher level than them anyway, and it turns up way earlier than it’s Unique counters as far as arenas are concerned, again because of how easy it is to get and level.

And to anyone who says that everyone should just get their own, you’re also missing the point because we don’t want to have to deal with an arena where everyone is forced to run Monolometrodon and it’s counters just because it’s so good. That restricts the already limited diversity in this meta.

It would be extremely easy to remove the aspects of Monolometrodon that make it inherently hard for other relevant Cunning creatures to counter, and that wouldn’t hurt its viability in the resilient meta anyway, even making it better against fierce creatures like the Thors that people are always complaining about, but as soon as the word “nerf” comes up apparently some people have to go all up in arms.

You could buff all the other Legendary Cunnings and hope for the best, but as long as Monolometrodon retains that Distraction-resistance the fact that it’s always higher level is going to turn matchups in its favour that it would normally lose. That said, some of the other Legendary Cunnings are pretty bad and need buffs anyway.

One way or another, Monolometrodon is a problem that needs to be dealt with, whether using buffs or nerfs or both (considering how badly the Legendaries are balanced, both is almost definitely the correct answer, since once again we have a small group of Legendaries that dominate while the others are mediocre or trash), but saying nerfs=bad and “go get your own” isn’t going to get anyone anywhere new, and I’m pretty sure we can agree that where we’re headed right now isn’t satisfactory.


I mentioned a bunch of other counters that are relevant. If thor is also such a problem, Indo gen 2. You can use spyx. You can use erlidom. Even gamma and indoraptor are decently relevant. I can get messed up by a good indo in the gyrosphere. Saying it doesn’t have any relevant counters for that arena is fallacious in itself.

This isn’t true. Most cunnings easy counter it. The majority do in fact. And all the relevant cunnings shred it

Again, with the exception of dilorano and dilophoboa, all legendary pure cunnings kill it, and then some others like alloraptor

Actually, I am not missing the point. Many people have dropped it BECAUSE of that turn 3. It is a massive weak spot that can easy be explioted. There has been a huge drop off

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The turn 3 damage isn’t even that bad(in the lower arenas), instead of becoming a mind game of when the indom cloaks, or insert relevant dodger dodges like it is with magna, with monolometrodon you can just play normally, if you guessed wrong just use nul strike next turn.

No,gamma is not at all relevant in lower arenas. Unless you have a account that plays in marshes and the ruins, you won’t be able to know what is and what is not relevant.

And saying that indo is a counter for monolometrodon is blasphemy, indo is far harder to get because it needs two creatures at level 20, which takes multiple times more coin than getting 2 to 15. It also requires an epic, which is definitely not as common as a common.

While the pure legendary cunning’s do kill it, they are once again far harder to get. Dilorano needs a exclusive and a epic, grylenken needs a exclusive, indo gen 2 is a super hybrid, and every other one requires atleast one epic to make. Add to the fact that monolometrodon is usually 2-3 levels higher than normal team level, even these counters(Except indo gen 2 and Pouki) fail horribly

Indoraptor is a Unique. Gamma I can get behind, it seems good enough. And I think the word you’re looking for is “false”.

Uniques don’t count, and only Smiloceph, Indo G2 and Alloraptor can be said to “shred” it. They’re all exponentially harder to unlock and level than Monolometrodon.

Look at the margin by which they win. Utasinoraptor and Monomimus barely scrape through. There’s 16 Cunning pure and dual types (not counting the ones that aren’t cut out for the arena), and only 4 of them shred Monolometrodon, 5 if you count Poukaidei. 3 of them have exclusive Epic ingredients, and they’re all undoubtedly difficult to obtain and level, a million times more so than Monolometrodon.

Where are these players? If they’re in the endgame, my point still stands.

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I know my grammar and bringing it up is quite petty, wouldn’t you say? And Indoraptor, while a unique, is also stupid easy to make with 24/7 global components, a raid boss, and multiple events showcasing it and its 3 components.

That is a terrible counterpoint. Uniques are going to be present in many of the arenas. And, there are also epics as well. Velosrachos and procerath are able to easy 2-shot it while also being solid cunnings themselves

I know quite a few people. Many endgame players dropped it, but also many mid-game players did too. They aren’t as common in gyro or library anymore

But they aren’t meta relevant at all, from arena 6 upwards, where monolometrodons start appearing, I haven’t seen 1 velosrhacos or erlikogamma. The only prorat that I’ve seen was lower level than my monolometrodon and killed easily.

You say “mid-game” yet you talk about people in the gyro or library. Fun fact that’s not the mid-game, the mid game are the arenas where legendaries start appearing and that arena 5-6+. The majority of players are stuck in this part of the game. And let me tell you, a lot of the times when the matches are evenly balanced, it’s usually decided by who dropped more speed boosts into their monolometrodon. Having a monolometrodon on your team can literally make or break your matches. It’s much like rixis in epic tournaments

I was referring to 3 groups of people

Admittedly so

I agree, but it’s still not as easy to get as Monolometrodon. The Indoraptor raid isn’t the easiest to farm for low-level players.

Not all of them, and not as early on as Monolometrodon, which is ironic since Monolometrodon is better.

Again, much harder to level and not nearly as relevant. The meta is partly to blame here.

I was a bit vague, but Gyro and Library are definitely endgame arenas the way I see it, but semantics so never mind.

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Idk what you mean by

You said

You’re clearly saying that many mid game players dropped it and then according to the next sentence mid game players that you were referring to were gyro and library players

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A common and a rare at 50 a pop. The arguement used to be “Procerath is way to easy to level for how strong it is” back in 1.14, but now all of a sudden velosrachos is hard to level. The same goes for indo gen 2. You said it was easy to level because of how common Blue was in events back in pre 2.0 when it was stronger, but now it has an exclusive component and its hard to level.

I was referring to the top players. Then I referred to mid-game players. Then I referred to my experiences