Nerf nerf threads

They’re so annoying
Delete threads are even worse
The creatures that needed then the most were Phorurex and Argenteryx and they got them
Just stop relying to nerf creatures or delete them which is even worse
Instead focus on buffing creatures
Do you like nerf threads in general?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

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Ok now I don’t know any creature that been removed before.

And these nerf and delete threads need to stop!


Unless the nerf thread is suggesting a valid nerf for an OP dino that does need it, then no, I don’t like nerf threads.


Nerf threads aren’t inherently bad, things that are over centralizing need nerfs. Buffing causes powercreep and that’s a much worse thing than sharing opinions on the internet


How does buffing useless creatures to be on the same level as other creatures cause powercreep

The problem is not really buffing creatures that have been useles, but the introduction of new ones and overbuffing.

Ref is a good example of overbuffing. Yes, it was a bit too weak. But instead of just making it competitive, it now is completely broken.

And anky lux would be an example for a creature that already was released way too strong.

Nerfing broken creatures is great for the players. Of course it might hurt players who have invested in a creature if it gets nerfed too heavy. But NOT nerfing them will hurt even more - the power creep made so many creatures, and therefore players investments, completely useless.


Look at the 30 million examples :man_shrugging:

Ref was buffed from useless to top tier. and now scorp has almost fallen from the meta because of it

When skoona was first buffed it completely overshadowed and invalidated the use of maxima and gemini

Testa forced compyc out of the meta

etc etc


Scorp has not fallen in any way
I’m not talking about excessive buffs just buffs to make them on the same level

How do you mean scorp has fallen out the meta?
It still is one of the 5 most used creatures and is in most top team.

While not as problematic as ref, for me it still is a creature that is too strong.

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Fallen out was an overstatement. But it’s in the process of doing so. Ref outclasses scorp in every single way

The top of the meta is usually much stronger than everything else below. Look at legendaries. The 7 big legendaries entelo, bumpymoloch, megis, mammotherium, chaast, ankydac, and fukui are way above everything else. It’s to the point that they only have two or three counters that are not themselves. If you buff something like gigaspika to their level, it would still powercreep the 50 legendaries below them


As long as there are OP creatures nerf threads are justified. And there are currently a lot of way too overpowered creatures.

As long as the person has a valid argument with supportive evidence, the threads are fine.


Ref doesn’t out class Scorp, they both have their good matchups and bad. Neither is just better then other.

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This has become a nerf thread itself :confused:

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yes nerf the nerf threads definately

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I think honestly that people and ludia instead of nerfing creatures they should buff some of them to become the counter of some, like when Spinoconstrictor got its buff and now its a solid counter for scorpius gen 3 if the level difference is not to much.

I see many nerfs treats to buffed refre and I understand why…
but the should only get rid of 300 hp points buff a unique or apex to be a counter for it so less people like this say:
delete or nerf I cant win battles

they should NERF creatures that have not many counters, like the New refre. Parasauthops (Indotaurus is the only counter i know for now), Andrewtops, hydra boa and more thats how this nerf threads stop.

A bit sad innit?

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Seriously this thread was about how annoying nerf threads are and this topic has become a nerf thread

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I accidentally clicked yes instead of no.
For real though, oops. I hate nerf threads.