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Nerf Nerfs please


Dear Ludia, please nerf nerfing Dino’s. It hardly seems fair that people put so much time, money, resources into something for its usefulness to be taken away.
When you do get something wrong players should have the option to refund the DNA and coins wasted but only on Dino’s being nerfed.
Or at least notify us months before the change so we can stop wasting time money resources.


Then you should give back all the incubators, DNA and coins you got by using those op dinos like mono, stego and trago
I think it’s best if they stop nerfing dinos, but buffing when needed


Before you state that he should give back the perks, you should define what is considered OP, before it gets nerfed.
Do we really want all levels (every common is exactly equal to all other commons, every rare = rare. etc.) of creatures to be exactly equal?


I don’t think this is what @Aaron_Norris is implying at all.

Rather that: move sets of Dinos should remain as consistent as possible for as long as possible.

People put in time/effort/money into developing their teams and seeing it go to waste is pretty disheartening.

I would suggest to developers that they have a large test pool of gamers to try out new dinos and movesets in actual gameplay prior to implementing new changes to movesets with every update. They’ll better be able to predict what works and what doesn’t this way.


I suggest Ludia to nerf me cause I am that good :fu::sunglasses::fu:


So they should change your name to User2 instead? :wink::sweat_smile:


Excatly. Right now I am clearly so op and number one and I feel bad for rest of you guys :see_no_evil:


Haha. I will admit tho. Staying up on the leaderboard even with an injury is pretty impressive! I Hope you’re feeling better bro


Thanks man. Tried walking outside and that path I took usually takes me about 20 mins. This time it took about 1 hour and my leg was hurting and very tired after that. Thankfully my parents and friend have drove me around so that I havent missed that many event dinos these last 3 weeks.


Damn… that’s super cool of them!

Haha, I’ve been riding shotgun more than driving lately too :sweat_smile:


@Hersh My comment was directed @Wilshire1966

I think nerfing is overdone here.I think you misread my comment.


My mistake! I agree nerfing definitely is over done … apologies :+1:t4::+1:t4:


User gen 2 :rofl: @User1


Speaking of nerf, looks like you’re gonna have to stop using raptors w/pounce when the time for 1.6 comes, cause I saw for about 5 minutes pounce had a 2 turn cooldown.
-they changed it back though


Apparently I got my wish and I have been nerfed now. Not sure how to feel about that


How were you nerfed @User1

Also just instinctively wrote Cokie there and was wondering why it wouldn’t tag :sweat_smile:


I have so much bad luck on arena now. I got debuff “luck -80%”