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Nerf of Procerato, Maxima and Indo Gen 2


when do you nerf procerato, maxima and Indo Gen 2?
What was the result of the surveys?


Why a nerf about Maxima ? All people are sad when he lost Definite Rampage it make no sense if they want to nerf. I think we have to wait 1.12 or 2.0 update to see the result


We don’t know what were the results on the server. Though we are excited to see a nerf on indo g2 (a nerf on cautious strike actually), a nerf on procerath, and hopefully a rework on ardentismaxima, I don’t know why you want a maxima nerf since a lot of people were very sad to see her lost definite rampage. Either she gets definite rampage back or have decelerating strike replaced with definite strike because she should have some way to remove cloak/evasion.


Yeah you right after the 1.11 announcement I see a guy who said Ardontosaur is better than Maxima, I’m totally not agree because Maxima has so much better stats but this thing prove people really want Maxima get’s rework

maybe because he is OP and need a nerf?just saying…
Nerf his crit to 0,reduce his damage to bellow 1000,turn his defense shattering rampage into impact

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Yeah the info that people just select and drop their phone and go get something to eat and win needs a nerf.

The pro is boosted but can kill 2 of my tanks needs a nerf for sure.

Then maxima needs it’s move back.

Máxima was nerfed already , let him alone.


All need nerffing especially that procerat thing

Maxima was never overpowered. It was good for taking out dodgers with its definite rampage


But in the process also took out its counters which are chompers and other tanks

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Procerat is the one that needs a nerf. The other 2 just need a little reworking. There components and stuff say that they should be end game viable. There’s only one in this list that isn’t like that.

I’m not against different rarity dinos being useful but that epic is just a troll.


The only OP things in this game are the speed-boosts.

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Procera will get nerfed but I doubt it will be by much.

Maxima needs definate strike at the least

Indo gen 2 needs something removed from cautious strike hopefully speed…


I never say it was overpowerd, Gemini can kill him even Maxima has Definite Rampage, I just say he needs a move to counter dodgers dinos because in 1.11 he has some difficulties against almost all dodgers

Indo g2 can become garbage with Cautious strike rework. Even though Cautious strike needs rework, that needs to be done carefully.

Ardentis needs Definite Impact and its balanced. Decel. Strike should stay, as its perfect counter for those speedy DCs. Definite strike would be nerf. Would remove cloak evasive, but then Ardentis can’t two shot dodgers.

Proceratho only need some hp nerf.

These three don’t need nerfs. Cautious Strike needs a rework, but that is all.


nevermind… we will have nerf/buff askings forever.

community dream:

every unique dino perfectly balanced. all of them 50% win/defeat in simulators one each other.
also for all legendaries, epics, rares, commons.

and… all uniques beat legendaries, legendaries beat epics, and so…
and i can’t forget: all super-hybrids beat hybrids, and hybrids beat non-hybrids.

good luck, ludia devs! :wink:


Procera I was definitely the harshest on. I voted for a nerf on all it’s stats, and changed rampage to impact. Because I can’t stand it.

Cautious Strike I removed cleanse and Speedup. It has those on mutual fury, so no matter. Mutual fury also has a Cooldown and is a gamble/situational move.

Maxima I don’t remember what I did, but I definitely remember giving it bellow.

The rat? Kept savagery as it is, but changed regen to a stunning move.

I really just want a nerf on Procera. Nerf all the stats, rampage to impact. If it was a legendary or a unique I could understand, but not an epic.

CS can get a rework, I can live with that.

Maxima needs her DR back. Too many dodgers, too few endgame dinos capable of countering successfully.

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One reason why this op dino have to be nerfed!!!