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Nerf of Procerato, Maxima and Indo Gen 2

But definite impact has a delay, and then what would be the rampage? It’s still a nerf and won’t kill them. I just hope it doesn’t lose DSR, it’s her best move. That rework with shielded deccel strike, precice impact and DSR was not bad, but definite strike, deccel impact and DSR was good too. I guess Ludia giving those options is to tell us that they won’t make maxima good against everything as it was before. Though I prefer it as the high hp tank buster that it is with a weaker ability to take out dodgers than a full dodger counter with precise rampage, that would be horrible imo. Keeping DSR is a must for me.

Ardentis is currently unbalanced. It has 4550 damage in two turns (2600 shatter all defenses). If you compare to Gemini that has 4200 damage in two turns and none pierces armor. So changing Rampage to Impact would just lower its damage to 3900 and 1950 would still go through armor. 3900 is exact damage as Indo g2 health. Thor and Tenontorex would survive two hits in this case.
Def. Strike, Decel. Impact, DSR is same moveset as Ardonto has.

Not bad then, though I don’t know if I really want it to lose it’s DSR for definite impact just to deal with the dodgers and be worse against all else. From what I’ve seen in the poll, the devs seem to want it to have a rampage.

If I ardents so easy to make. Why did I just get mine open .I’d like to know where the get all the DNA. I can’t use them now anyway everybody cloaks. So I’m back to legends.

why not?

yes i have it. as for most players at same level. we all try playing best dinos in team, not those we find cute for AR. most of people here was playing with dracobomb while wishing for a nerf.

but i’m not so stupid, i play jwa since release to not be so naive to believe ludia is reading our opinions and applying them to game.

today there are various creatures i don’t have in team, should i wish they all nerfed?

my point is people cry for nerfs since ever. while most people was complaining about dracoceratops i was managing ways to deal with it.

ludia devs know exactly when some dinos are too powerful or too weak. it’s purposeful.

if they listen for forum askings, dracobomb was nerfed in 1.7. and monomimus was a tyrant today.

ps: i don’t have maxima in team, and as proceratho, i disagree it needs a(nother) nerf now. but it doesn’t matter, ludia won’t do what we ask here.

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I had them the once, top players did not.or want to change team.they were great…so dont get up set when they do a strong one …they will down the strength. just stay with legends it much more fun to battle.

because they are going to weaken those dinos when there are in the sands, thoralodosaur that crush you at once, and make dust to the g2, is nonsense