Nerf paratops

I know its an exclusive but its power is way too ridiculous. its swap in can finish any half health dino. it has ridiculous healing capabilities which keep it alive long enough to destroy any dino. it heals way too much and does far too much damage for a swap in. please nerf it.


Andrewtops would like to know your location


Id be happy if it they took away its bleeding resistance but not gonna worry about it too much.


These nerf threads never end, do they…

While Parathops is super powerful, honestly it deserves to be. Arctops is extremely valuable with Andrewtops being another viable option, and Para Lux is the hardest non-hybrid to obtain, maybe except for some continentals if your alliance doesn’t have them in sancs. However, Para Lux is also the hardest non-hybrid to invest in, because you can’t sanc it whatsoever. The only ways you could have obtained or leveled Parasauthops without actually hunting and fusing for it, are the raids and that one alliance championship.

While a very minor nerf is fine, it’s not a necessity for the simple fact that it’s the most difficult unique to invest in, and it deserves to be powerful.


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it.

Just make its Swap In Fierce Strike an On-Escape ability instead.


Unfortunately the swap in is Parasauthops’ main use, so this would be a pretty big nerf for it. If it lost the swap in, it would need to be strong enough to take on more creatures H2H. Here’s a rework I made specifically for that purpose.


Just make the swap-in not break shields.



Seen new fusable APEX…?


This would make it a pain to fight with all the heals and high damage / health . Instead we can do the simple option and not change a creature that needs to nerfed.

No creatures needs a nerf if there are solid meta counters against it, and parat does have lots of them. Additionally, it’s a humongous punch in the face to anyone who has been walking around or driving around for hours searching for luxes.


I don’t want Parathops to receive a nerf or huge rework, this was just an idea for if Parathops wasn’t a swapper.


You clearly don’t fight a lot of maxed out Parasauthops with max boosts then if you consider just turning its Swap In Fierce Strike into an On Escape ability a major nerf.

Moreover, the rest of its kit, Resistances, and stats don’t need a rework or buff. They’re fine as is.


An On Escape can be played around. Parathops’ swap in is both powerful and unpredictable, and is likely the best move in its entire kit PvP wise. It’s why Woolly Rhino is commonly considered better than Titanoboa, because swap in damage is an extremely powerful mechanic. Not only that, but Parasauthops is the only endgame viable swap in attacker period (There’s Monolorhino but that’s a 300 damage difference), and Hydra Boa is already a better trapper than Parathops could be with said On Escape.


On Escapes are deterrents from swapping out period. If the opponent is swapping out, they’re taking a calculated risk that could, and 9/10 does, cost them the match latter on. Moreover, Parasauthops’ swap in isn’t even remotely close to its strongest ability. Why would it even be considered it’s strongest ability in comparison to its Revenge Rampage and Healing abilities?

That is absolutely wrong on every level. Ceramagnus and Monolorhino are just as viable and the only reason why you see Parasauthops more often than them is simply because Parasauthops can heal itself.

Again, not an excuse for Parasauthops to keep it’s Swap In, and moreover, just because Hydra Boa would be better, doesn’t mean Parasauthops would be absolutely terrible at it.

In fact it would make Parasauthops just as useful as it is now, albeit in a different way.

It’s because of the likes of Woolly Rhino that creatures like Titanoboa are even necessary.

Swapping was always a thing, well before swap-in damage among other swap-in abilities were introduced. And swapping will always be a thing, and unless the creature swapping in gets locked in, without more anti-swappers the problem will always be simply that the act of swapping has no downsides and/or consequences.

Players should not have to invest in only Hydra Boa in order to have any reasonable means of protecting themselves from swapping.

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Imma leave this thread to u guys but here

What does parasauthops need

  • Nerf
  • Little nerf
  • No nerf
  • Little buff
  • Buff

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On Escapes can still be distracted, dodged, or even tanked for a counter kill, and have much more ways to play around them than than swap in damage, specifically Parathops’.

The only reason Ceramagnus would ever be viable is if Parathops lost the swap in, and giving it an On Escape wouldn’t help either swap in attacker. Parathops is the swap in attacker, and you can’t change that without a major nerf or playstyle change. Imagine all of the players that use Parathops as their only swapper just to have that swap in removed.

Hydra isn’t the only example, it’s just the main trapper as Parathops is the main swapper. Creatures like Vasilas, Anky Lux, Spinoconstrictor, Troodoboa, and the upcoming Imperatosuchus and Ardontognathus are already good at what they do. Compare all these to the singular Parasauthops, struggling Monolorhino, and practically dead Magnus as your swapper options.

One more thing I’d like to point out is Ankylos Lux’s On Escape. Parasauthops is the only creature in the game that can counter this on escape, so removing it is an indirect buff to an already amazing creature, and a direct nerf to Parathops and its worse versatility.


Give me a scenario where this has happened. I’ll wait.

The only time this ever happens, is when the anti-swapper is practically dead anyway and the escapee has enough health to survive.

Wrong, again. As I’ve stated before, Para is used more than Cera simply because Para can heal itself.

It’s not a nerf in any conceivable sense of the term, and yes, it can be changed. Very easily in fact.

You mean like how some players already use it, as a Revenge killer? Because I’ve seen it used plenty of times that way.

I can, and I have no pity or sympathy for them. If their only reliance on a creature is one specific ability and they cannot conceive if any other way to use them in spite of everything else the creature has to offer, then those not only don’t have any idea what they’re talking about, but they aren’t anywhere near as good as they think they are.

And frankly, I’m sick of the argument that a creature is suddenly useless because one thing got changed about it.

Again, that is not a justifiable reason for Parasauthops to have a swap-in ability, because by that logic, players shouldn’t invest in just about the majority of creatures because there are a handful that are just better than they are.

Mortem says hi, and that you don’t need to have a Swap-In Fierce Ability to take on Ankylos Lux.

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Please don’t need Parasauthops
It’s honestly fine
For being so hard to get it should be this strong
It’s not really that hard to counter

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gonna take a seat :eyes:


but now seriousily leave my boy parat alone its completely fine and dont need any change also like others said its very hard to fuse and level up


it also has counter besides the main top meta like powercrept testa;orion,tryko ( yes it works ),mammolania,etc…