Nerf paratops

First off, what is the level because knowing that could help.
Also show the level 26 stats if what you posted isn’t the level 26 stats.

Second, what everyone is asking is a nerf to the swap in and nothing else.


Maybe most ppl gets confused when they see the post title saying “Nerf paratops”, thinking everyone wants to nerf paratops as a whole.

If OP can update the thread title as “Nerf paratops’s swap-in damage”, that would be better.


Illegal stats

Albertocevia is even worse, but at least shields can save us there.

buff everything?

Fierce swap in strike shoud become ferocious swap in strike (acording to icon) and should destroy shields and not be able to bypass armor

Swap in feroucios stike,like in the icon (bypassing anything) maybe the solution. Idk

I just lost a tournament battle i shouldve won because that thing wouldn’t stop healing. Every single turn it healed exept when ot went for its one shot rampage