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Nerf phorasaurus

I get that it’s a legendary but it’s not even a superhybrid . It’s become what yoshi was before 2.0 plus it can do 3k damage right off the bat and then another 3k damage. At least give it a delay or something


Giving it a delay would ruin it completely. I think the damage output is too high, that’s all. If you compare it to Smilocephalosaurus, it’s better in every way, in spite of having easier-to-obtain ingredients.

It is pretty funny that a bird can deal enough damage to 2-hit KO a huge armoured T-Rex though.


Nerf damage and remove stun resistance.


pretty much this.
idk why her damage was buffed back up, but she really doesn’t need a 1500 damage stat on double rampages.especially when one’s an instant and the other runs into something else. and the stun resist doesn’t need to be there.


She will be nerfed when and if she gets a unique

And if she doesn’t then basically yeah nerf it’s damage


I thought it was better pre 2.0 seem to remember it having a slow down move, unless I’m going mad…

Superiority Strike, as well as 300 more HP, but 100 less attack.

I forgot about the Stun resistance, it doesn’t need that.

It is good but has weaknesses, I wouldn’t compare it to the chicken, it can be slowed and struggles with armour and shields, the swap in stun can only be used as last resort… I run it mostly as it can be effective for revenge killing Ardent

Phorus was ok when it had less damage… They didn’t have to put it at 1500 again… But still, we have worse things to worry about. Nothing needs a nerf more than Maxima.

Phorus will be nerfed as soon as it gets a superhybrid, you can be sure of that… OR if one of its components get one, like it happened to Procera. Classic Ludia move.


Yeah pho needs a little nerf, but It actually must be a top legendary cuz maia is very hard to collect

exactly (10)

I agree. I find it extremely hard to fight, especially with boosts. I would consider a change like this:
Health: 3650 Damage: 1250
Armor: 0% Crit. Chance: 5%
Speed: 127
Superiority Strike
Cunning Impact
Rampage and Run
Swap-In: Heal
.5x counter
Full Resistances: Stuns
Partial Resistances: Deceleration (50%), Distraction (33%)

This keeps a similar functionality to what it currently has, but instead of dealing roughly 6000 damage in two turns, it functions as a hybrid of a swift, “cunning creature”, using Sidestep to cleanse and Cunning Impact to reduce incoming damage, while also working like a heavy-hitting hadrosaurid, using Superiority Strike to cleanse distraction and keep up with faster opponents like most raptors, and using Rampage and Run to get out of a bad situation while dishing out some heavier damage. Its counter, while not incredible, supplements its abilities, allowing it to dish out a little more damage if it can take the hits. Its swap-in heal will give it a little more health, letting it stay in a little longer. However, creatures that can consistently slow it down, remove the dodge, and absorb the blows (like Diorajasaurus, Stegodeus, and Ardentismaxima) would be able to tackle it. It’s not exceedingly strong, fast, or bulky, but you can’t mix high speed with high health without making it absurd (looking at you Smilonemys).

PS: I’ve been playing with these concepts for a long time, I find it fun.

a hybrid must have moves and stats based on its components…

It’s just the damge just -100 or -200 would be fine. But it’s not as much of a problem as other so for right now it’s fine

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It lost slow, so I think it’s fine now. If it has to be something, 100 less attack.


It was already better than procerath before 2.0 and was not really comparable in terms of use. It’s the best speedster, but it does nothing to creatures like mammolania and testacornibus. maybe remove the stun resistance.

Pho is not what Yoshi was in 1.14. Unlike Yoshi, Pho can actually be slowed down


Yeah, but it was and is still better. And phorasaura without the stun resistance is pretty balanced. Speedsters lose while the tanks shred it

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Honestly tho that fact it can’t be stunned most of the time is kinda …like really ludia why?

No it doesn’t. Look at Spinonyx, Erlikospyx, Indominus rex, Diorajasaurus, Indoraptor, etc. If anything, it’s more unique if it doesn’t copy the moves of its components. A huge portion of the legendaries and uniques in the game have a moveset that only vaguely represents its components.