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Nerf Phorosaura

Nerfing this chicken already bores me to see it in a tournament whoever has it wins it already bores me to see the chicken’s face or take away the instantaneous devastation.

or ban instant skills in tournaments


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Okay this is getting annoying now, no phora does not need a nerf it’s perfectly fine now especially since it can’t pull off instant rampage into R&R anymore. Just use a resilient and you will like win 100% of the time.


It already got nerfed in 2.2, and while it’s defenetly annoying it’s pretty much dead as soon as something with a resilient move comes in. Honestly i feel like by nerfing the swapers (i mean basicly just rhino and the rat) ur pretty much nerfing what phora can realy do with that DR&R


I am on the side of leaving it alone but I do agree I have seen it a lot in the tourney and it is a bit op

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it makes me feel like your running it

Not necessarily. It’s just annoying to see “Nerf X” every 5 or 6 posts. Especially when the creature mentioned doesn’t at all need or warrant a nerf.


its not because someone finds a strong dino or has a hard time beating it although phorosura is strong it can be beaten not resilient powerful ex brachio stegodeus woolly rhino

In the tournament yes, and I also face it and it’s not even hard to deal with. Mine get countered regularly. In arena it’s basically dead especially after it’s R&R nerf.

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ya i was just think you ran it so i asked i just dont have any resilents on my team

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Then use resilients if you want/need to counter Phoru. It’s not difficult.

Stegodeus isn’t hard to make and is good against Phoru, for example.


Another nerf thread? Interesting… well this thing already got a nerf! It is completely fine and doesn’t really need another as it gets destroyed by resilients, pretty much any resil with shields, good armor, or a resilient move ends it(sometimes even cunnings or fierce) after the swap in which does no damage, and it can’t even really do too much turn 2.


Why so many

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why don’t people try to see which creatures can defeat phoru, alloraptor and other dinos before asking for those nerfs? every day this


Dude stop it’s fine you just have to have the right counters

Like things with heavy armor and resilient could counter it

Smilonemys and practically anything with decent armor and any decelerating move take this thing down no problem


Yup super op

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should nerf compsognathus instead of phorosaura.

i used the epic flock to destroy a whole legendary team in the tourney…lol

it’s crazily strong! 3 lives and can regen again and again!!!


First it was a Nerf eremoceres Thread now a nerf Phorusaura thread? What’s Next? Nerf Ankylosaurus? Nerf Dimorphodon?


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