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Nerf Procerathomimus Already! It’s been forever

Yea this post might seem cliche, but I’m sick of seeing this ugly thing in the arena. It’s so strong when it shouldn’t be. It’s an easy to get epic which is getter then a hard to get legendary. It’s stats need a good nerf. It doesn’t need to be garbage, but it shouldn’t be so op, or stronger then monomimus. Maybe buff monomimus, but we need procera gone first. Please listen ludia…


An easy fix for this would be to

  1. Make one yourself (since they’re easy to make, and better than Monomimus anyway… lol)
  2. Work on some of the dinos that easily counter it. (with a well-balanced team, Procera is a non-issue)

I think there are more important issues for Ludia to look at before nerfing the one strong dino that f2p people can actually obtain.


Honestly everyone needs to know why Procerathomimus becomes so strong, then find a method, and let Ludia to rework on it again.
It can work as Unique with its individual values and move set, just about changing those two.

I just use Dioraja to counter it.


Majundaboa works most of the time for me :slight_smile:

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My idea nefe atk from 1550 to 1200 i think monomimus should better than yosi because monomimus is legendary


What about tournaments? You know its win rate, right?


Tell lower arena players to create Dio. We need much more epic counters for Yoshi to balance lower arenas and tournaments. Right now he has 3 epic counters. One is dead if DR is ready, other one is dead if Yoshi wins mindgames. Only Turtle is a true counter, unfortunately


Does this thing lose to any epics straight up? Like idk if it can. Majundaboa kinda counters it but you have to predict correctly


No, just buff monomimus attack to 1500 and nerf procerathomimus hp to 3000-3300. If procerathomimus get <1500 attack it cant counter indom g2 and indominus rex g2 will be the king of epic hybrid tournament


Maybe BAN it from tournaments. A lot of games do this. A particular character is actually just outright banned.

I agree both with yourself and other posters on the opposite end when it comes to Yoshi. For F2P users, it’s a cheap way to stay relevant. AND there ARE ways to kill it. So imo just keep it as is.

However, for tournaments such as the last hybrid Boost tournament. Ban it altogether. Keep it for the other tourneys that include legendaries, for Hybrids and lower.



Well not everyone has Diorajasaur do they? I don’t! I lack the tuojiango.

I don’t bc i dont like it’s design lol. And I love Tryko so I’m not willing to split anky dna for it

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Just buff majungaboa (easy to make)hp to 4200 to counter it,


Indom G2 needs a nerf too

Prorat need an some good counter


Attack should be 1330 and hp should be around 3200.


It needs an attack and health nerf and changing rampage for impact… I know it has rampage because it only has two attacking moves, so maybe replacing instant distraction with an evasive strike could balance it if it was this way

The problem with Yoshi is that it’s too good. It can avoid taking direct damage, RNG willing, forever.

Instant Distraction > Evasive Stance > Instant Distraction > Distracting Rampage > Instant Distraction > Nullifying Strike > Instant Distraction > Evasive Stance

During that time, the DR will have taken a huge chunk off/KO’d your opponent thanks to Yoshi’s high attack, and you could very well have avoided every single hit thanks to Evasive Stance (and those that got through get caught out by Instant Distraction).

Now, yes, there are dinos out there that can help - but almost all of them have a weakness to the dodge or the distraction. Majundaboa is the exception, but the stats are so garbage that it literally exists only for Yoshi. And if Yoshi scores that DR? Boom, that’s the one counter intended for it out of the game.

Indominus2 is the only other option, but that’s too powerful as well. These two epics shouldn’t be so hard to take down by other epics - it damages the balance of the game.


Here is why procerath isn’t OP:
It CAN stall, but with creatures like purutaurus, this is hard to do. Another thing is that it’s easily worn down. Creatures like purutaurus and megalogia can whittle away until something like a stegocera swap. It also struggles against tanky creatures like brontolasmus and carbo. If it should get a nerf, it should be hp as it needs the attack to handle an epic that’s even worse: Indom gen 2

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