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Nerf proceratomimus



The rat felt lonely,so proceRATomimus came to keep it company.

I’m lucky enough to not meet with proceRATomimus after the buff.


That’s a baby compared to mine… need it! Because… DC & Thor. No need for nerves :slight_smile:


At first,i was thinking my god proceratomimus is truly OP!!!Nerf it!!!I was like you!!!
Until i got mine to lvl 26… :slight_smile:


Same as draco only way to counter it is to have one yourself^^ I do agree that its way to strong for an epic creature.


I have both RATs at lvl 16 never used then and refuse to use…thinking of fight the boosted rats with you own boosted rat its what ludia wants ,more money for then on boosts ,dont be such idiot guys…rats are immun to nerf because some idiots wast rivers of money on boosts,then once they get a nerf wich i dont believe will happen,but iff it happens i will enjoy it very very much ,then crying for is wasted money on boosts


So now everything requiring some creativity to counter is a rat and needs to be nerved? Better start playing another game I suppose


It’s broken. Procerathomimus has more health, more attack AND more speed than any fast dino in the game in addition to immunity. 2 priority moves, a distracting move, and it’s easier to level than any other fast dino, AND it’s an epic, which has less weight in matchmaking resulting in overleveled ones. It’s broken, and absolutely needs a nerf.


I do find it ridiculous that an epic chicken is far more dangerous than some uniques. :joy:


nerf thor otherwise people will leave the game!!!


Good by !!!

Quite OP for an epic.

I’m the first using different teams and strategies but this green chicken is too much


Lmao…yup predicted that the QQING would start about Yoshi a few weeks ago…some are not happy unless they are complaining…learn and adapt! Same as Draco! I have had both on my team for months! Maybe if you stamp your feet hard enough…:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


When the first thing I see is a Tryko on this page I just smile. it’s nice to have a hard counter to something designed to waste your time and annoy you to death. RIP Tryko long live the green chicken!


is it open a “nerf this” season?

is everybody happy with matchmaker and boosts, or creature designers really did procerathomimus with 165 speed and 6000 health?

let me create my own topics then: “nerf matchmaker” and “nerf boosts”.

creature designers can be more lazy and do skeletons with base stats and we fill them with boosts we can buy, so let’s dance.


At least it doesn’t cheap shot. Hope it never gets a damagin swap-in.

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All hail the Christmas Chicken.

For real though, I’m sorry Yoshi is your new scapegoat for the arena. He’s a great little dino. I love mine, been on my team for months. If only others had realized his clear superiority when I had, maybe they wouldn’t be trying to ruin his awesomeness.

Everything sucks when it’s been boosted and matchmaking is bad. I’ve taken out other Yoshis without my Yoshi in the past. You gotta just figure out what works, or if you’re that mad about it, ask others what counters you can use. Then st least you should be able to handle the ones that are actually within your experience range.


The assistant boost mascot :rofl: I have to create a pic with the rat and yoshi together.

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Rat Yoshi 2020


While I will level up my Yoshi as it is 13 on my 1st account with enough DNA to go direct to 19 and then 240 worth of fuses on top of that to get to 23, possibly 24. I also have Yoshi’s counter, Maxine that I can have to level 22 to start on both my accounts… yes, (immune) Maxine that can’t be distracted and can block Yoshi’s big kick and stomp the ‘stuffing’ out of it. Don’t even think of evasive stance. Maxine will remove that too.