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Nerf proceratomimus

I like Procera a lot, but I still agree that it’s a bit more powerful than it should be. I want it brought back to its original 1.6 stats.

Here are the best counters for it from every rarity according to GamePress. Remember, this is from 1.10, so a few creatures like Indoraptor Gen 2 or Ardentismaxima probably aren’t the ideal counters for it anymore.


I’m sorry to say, I have to disagree with this. I understand those have different opinions than mine and I enjoy reading all of them. But I must say this: you have to learn how to play around the green bird. It is not that difficult if you understand the effects and mechanics that this creature possesses. I have one that is level 19, and I don’t necessarily win all the time. I also fight green birds that are that are five levels higher than mine, and I managed to beat it. I have no trouble fighting green bird with monsters that are weaker than it, and I do just fine. I don’t believe this monster needs to be nerfed in any form possible. It seems as if every time a creature becomes too powerful, everybody wants to complain and destroy it.


It annoys the hell out of me that people scream nerf when they have trouble beating something, procera isn’t hard to kill at all.

Its the people who are facing it what are the problem they need to learn to counter it.


The indoraptors are way worse than this. It seems like everyone has at least one if not two of them and the only thing that seems to beat them is the proceratomimus. If you want to nerf something go after the indoraptors. They are insanely tough to beat which is why everyone is using them now.


I have not had issues beating the Indos. They are quite easy to counter

It’s not the Dino that’s the problem… it’s the boosts applied to it that’s the problem…


Actually Indo Gen 2 is a good counter to Mexi. Mexi goes Evasive stance, Indo Gen2 can break through it with Cautious Strike a couple of times and then kill it with the defense shattering rampage. Indo Gen2 cannot be distracted

actually, it’s more of a draw between the two. they both counter each other depending on how the moves are played. It’s a game of outsmarting the other.


This is true

It is boosts agreed, but boosts also highlight problematic dinos/creatures. There’s a reason procerat is one of the most boosted creatures around.

The only reason it isn’t the most boosted is because people are afraid of the nerf that’s coming.

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Understandable… I guess my biggest fear is any Dino that is boosted to the max can warrant a nerf I definitely don’t want OP dinos but I also think boosts as a whole can and will destroy any Dino if the outcry is big enough

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Old thread, but yeah, good thing it’s getting nerfed in 1.12. Guess even Ludia couldn’t “learn to counter it,” lmao.

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But how about this?

Procerathomimus goes for evasive stance while Indoraptor Gen 2 goes for cautious strike.
Indoraptor Gen 2 goes for defense shattering rampage and misses, while Procerathomimus nullifies it and regains its speed.
Procerathomimus finishes Indoraptor Gen 2 off with a distracting rampage.

Although I have seen it played out totally differently a few battles ago.

When do you nerf this op dino?

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Leave My Lil Birb Boi Alone D:


Procera has so many counters. The Twin towers, Orion, Indo G2, Dio, Sphyx, precice anything… Just because it’s epic doesn’t mean it has to stink.


Nerf does not equal stink.

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It only needs a nerf if it is op. What about a NONBOOSTED procera is OP?