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Nerf Purrataurus

Purrataurus has a cool down of 1 on it’s instant distraction. This would be perfectly fine… if it didn’t have such an overpowered counter attack. My 4200 health Allosinosaurus stood no chance against one because it was distracted and did 200 damage to the purrataurus with 3500 health, and then took one third of my allosinosaurus’s health in return. This kept happening and I lost big time.

All I am saying is that purrataurus needs to be nerfed. Whether it is cutting it down to gallimimus health levels, adding a longer cool down to its instant distraction, or reducing its counter attack, something needs to happen.

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Holy moly… Another Nerf x topic…
@ardens @Justin_Larson


you could have just swapped to another dino when he distracted or saved your strong hit for the next turn, the dino has low base damage and low health and is slow, many dinos just stomp it into the ground. you could have just stunned him as well. its a utility dino, its not like its the DC insta killing you.


This is option4 material right here.


Gallimimus type health lol made me laugh though… Well, I think its decent where its at but I don’t use it. I have seen level 24 boosted versions of these, they can pack a punch.

Try to predict when it will use the distraction. Then try to save your bigger moves for the cool down time. That or swap to an immune as they use the instant distract. Use superior strike to wipe the effects off your dino. There’s a few things to do against it here.

This is whining not constructive feedback.




Priceless. This board never lets me down.


Really? Just wait till you face a boosted Tryko. Then you will wish you were battling Purrataurus. I have Purrataurus on my team but I had to boost him to high heaven to use him. He is still a struggle to use against many dinos. Why would you want to nerf one of the dinos that has good meta potential with all of the boosted terrors in the game right now? Be careful what you wish for!


Puru has many counters, especially immune ones. Tryos or Magna are great counters. You may also distract it to lower its damage. No need to nerf it.


Just learn to counter it. Purru is easy to handle. Use immune dino or one with cleansing. Tryko is bigger problem.
Thor can oneshot Allosino now with boosts.

Remember first time I encountered Indoraptor. My team just got destroyed. Eventually learned to counter it and found out it’s one of the easy ones to counter.

You know that not only Purru has ID. ID cooldown would affect all dinos having this ability (Suchotator, Tryko, Dioraja, Procerathomimus…).


Got one thing to say to you… no…don’t touch my poor Purataurus


I’ve said it for tator and mirigia.
Dont mess with my purrataurus.


Since you have the option to see it’s abilities while in battle (if you don’t know them already before going in) you should easily be able to anticipate its moves. If you didn’t then you just lost the battle because you made unfortunate decisions, not because the Purry was too strong. :wink:


My god! Stop with the nerf requests! Purutaurus is awesome! Leave it be!

Nerf Monomimus instead! That seems to be Ludia’s punchbag.

Again, stop making nerf requests for everything! Or request nerfs for the high number of bugs!


I agree.

It’s overpowered, aswell, because of the cleanse-move every turn.

Then you can’t bleed it to death, and can’t use swap-in-bleed either.

I suspect there will be a NERF COMING.

Please no, no. I will actually cry

DiD sOmEoNe SaY nErFfFf!?!?!?! Speaking of nerf, should I make a sequel to Nerf Apatosaurus? I would make a poll but I dunno how.


Nope, someone just got upset because they got outplayed!


The stats are broken.

This is, once again, a wrong calculation.

Would NEVER spend any boosts on this one.