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Nerf purutaurus

It can cleanse anything anytime and it’s so annoying, and remove the instant distraction, because it can be very annoying due to the fact that it will only suffer 10% of your damage while your loosing 33% of your health.

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So because it’s annoying it needs a nerf? :roll_eyes:

Use dinos that don’t distract or ones that are immune. :man_shrugging:


How about we nerf monomimus?


Yeah and nerf apatosaurus,look at his big HP!!!
and nerf T-rex!!!Look at his damage
And nerf velociraptor!!!look at his speed!!!
and nerf euoplocephalus!!!look at his armor (oops already done)


It’s annoying and overpowered.

please,would you mind to share with us your team?
Because i really think you havent discover the worst part of the game yet



You can distract it to take less counter damage, you can bleed it with SI-attacks or even normal ones (mind games), you can stun it, (especially on the turn it uses Instant Distraction) you can use Immune dinos like Tryostronix and you can use dinos that are Immune to distraction (The Indoraptors and Diplovenator). There’s plenty of options.
Even some tanks, Tragodistis for example can do well against it (use Long Invincibility to avoid the counter and any damage, then Stun).
Remember you can use non-damaging moves during cooldowns and delays.


Purutaurus is fine. It’s not overpowered. There are plenty of counters. Even itself is a counter for it. It is quite easy to deal with.


It has MANY counters. Anything with stuns, distraction or immunity can wall it when used correctly:

  • Procerathomimus
  • Indominous Rex
  • Suchotator
  • Diloranosaurus
  • Gorgosuchus (to an extent)
    And many others
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My personal fave counter is Tryostronix, as a lot of people seem to either forget that it’s immune, auto-pilot and use Instant Distraction first, or use Long Protection.

If you’re lucky/good at predicting you can get a Ready to Crush off, and then just obliterate it in one hit with DSR. Also, a lot of players just focus on getting the most damage as quick as possible, and don’t like wasting a turn to cleanse if they don’t have to. This means there’s a good chance that your distactions will work.

Really, any creature that has a non damaging buff move is very useful for any rending counter dinos.


I just really don’t like this hybrid tbh, it doesn’t take anything from pura, like NOTHING, 0 abilities nor model, nor armor.
Id just rework the whole evo line:


Bonus Armor

Vulnerability Strike
Short Defense
Ferocious Impact
Cleansing Impact

Rending Counter

For Carnotarkus id go with:

Superiority strike
Short Defense
Instant distraction

Greater rending Counter

It already got nerfed when it’s hybrid came, let’s just leave it alone now.


It is frustrating but easily defeated. Doesn’t need nerfing.

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They really haven’t given I’m guessing they haven’t run into an erlidom yet if they think Purrutaurus is bad

yup,neither a dracoceratops

Rending destroys Shields.

Geez, this again. That is absolutely not a reason to nerf something.

Rampage it with erlidom.


Go away with these nerf posts.