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Nerf Resilient Moves And Bring Back Nullifying And Definite Moves

Resilient moves remove cloak and evasion, but nullifying and definite moves had that property already. Definite rampage is non-existent, and a few have nullifying strike, impact, rampage, and definite impact.

As many suggested, resilient should just bypass the cloak and evasion, and more creatures should get nullification and definite moves back (like mammolania and tyrannolophosaur).

And change the nullification cooldown back to 1. Please? Just last week, pterovexus used null impact once, and I swapped to Draco trying to show off. It didn’t die cuz rend resistence, but couldn’t use null impact and lost. I should not have won that battle.

What do you should should be done about resilient moves?

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Bring back Immunity

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The game is much more balanced and healthy without immunity. Resilience or the dinos most affected by resilience could use some work though.


Besides the rend one, I like resistance. The rend one is stupid since most creatures with it can distract anyway.

Yes especially for the ornithomimus family

No thanks. Better off without it.


I think they created resilient moves as a way of specifically giving tanks a way of dealing with dodge, since most dodge users are “cunning”, and resilients are supposed to counter them. That said, I think resilient attacks are too strong right now, mostly due to their ability to remove dodge instead of just being precise.

I want an Evasion tank now :stuck_out_tongue:. Make that an evasion DoT tank, maybe with one of the Swoops.

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That will probably be the next Apex dino. :slight_smile:

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I think the closest thing we have is smilocephalosaurus, minus the bleed