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Nerf sarcorixis please!

Ludia please nerf sarco…

Jokes aside, sarcorixis is an all-round solid epic. It isn’t broken. It isn’t OP. If it’s one thing, it’s fine. I’m surprised there were never any “nerf Indom gen 2” threads back before 2.0, because that was something that kinda needed a tweak. It’s so irritating to see people wanting creatures that do not need nerfs to get nerfed. Pre-2.0 Indom gen 2 was that creature. It was a top tier creature in the overall game with stats that blended so well with its moveset (108+MF was devastating). It basically made or broke your team in the epic skill tournament as it’s 1 “counter” was a toss-up matchup. If you want the other epics to compete, buff them. That way scaphotator, majungaboa, and all the other epic hybrids get some love while the current good ones still stay strong and the people who invested in them don’t lose that much of an investment. Here are the ways to boost the other epic hybrids:
For starters, here are the epics that are fine and strong (but NOT OP): Sarcorixis, Indom gen 2, Entelochops, Purutaurus, Erlikogamma, Stegoceratops, Edmontoguanodon (raid creature, and really good at it), dimodactylus, and brontolasmus.
That leaves us with the following creatures: Majungaboa, Amargoceph, Postimetrodon, Gorgosuchus, Nodopatosaurus, Megalogia, Procerathomimus, and Scaphotator.

Let’s start off with the one of the strongest of the bunch: Megalogia. Megalogia has a moveset full of speed control moves. Yes, it’s a resilient, but it doesn’t need 5 speed control moves. I would suggest something like bringing back the armor piercing counter or giving it a slight damage buff to deal with the tankier guys out there like chops and sarco.

Next up are 2 with an easy fix: Gorgosuchus and Postimetrodon. Just give them an extra turn of ferocity and they’re back in the game.

Spinotahraptor is a bit underrated, but not bad. If anything, I’d give him a bit of speed with no escape and lethal wound with a bit more damage. That way he can work similarly to spino. Maybe throw in fierce impact for distracting impact. Maybe have cunning/fierce strike. Anything over strike. Even pinning wouldn’t be a bad idea

Nodopatosaurus got a bit of a change this patch, but it broke even as it’s multiplier is only available on turn 2, and as a slow creature, it needs a good turn 1. So, probably something like regular rampage would suffice as it gives it the option to either go on the defensive or offensive turn 1

Next up is nodopato’s tanky companion: Amargocephalus. It has some good multipliers with 2 impacts turn 1, but something that could really do it good would be an immunity to stuns and some more hp, so it can make use of the double impacts and throw up an invincibility with little fear unless when faced with a chomper

Everyone was so excited for the underwhelming Majungaboa when 1.14 rolled up, so let’s give it some love, and by love, I mean hp. Buff it up to 4200. Now it’s not 2 shot by everything. Now, we should give it full immunity to stun and pinning, like its parent boa gen 2. And maybe give her swap-in ferocity as a nice little touch, so now it’s a decent swap-in.

Now, let’s discuss a creature that made everyone love majungaboa: Procerathomimus. The queen of the epics fell much more than her king of Indom gen 2 with 2.0. However, she still carries a great moveset. But, maybe something could be done about this to make her a bit better. Maybe some love in the speed and hp department. Also, sidestep over evasive stance could be a nice touch for procerath.

We finally end with poor Scaphotator. A disappointment in the eyes of both its parents (especially diplotator who is far superior). Sacphotator needs help in both the hp and attack department. Next up is it’s moveset, which could act similarly to dimodactylus. But scaphotator would go the cunning route while dimodactylus is a bit more fierce. Give scaphotator cleansing swoop and no escape like with scaph. That could mean that the regen could be replaced with another move like Lethal wound or shattering impact. That way, it can swap in, LW, and then swoop away, or just come in to remove an annoying creature. Or, instead of buffing the stats, give it a bit of hp and an immunity to deceleration, with maiming wound in place of regen with no escape. It will most likely kill something, but also fall in the process. This would make scaphotator the creature that can be thrown at something if you have nothing good for it, like brontolasmus and sarco.

It’s better to buff the weaker epics than nerfing the better ones because people invest in creatures like Thylac, Indom gen 2, and Sacrco, which can be a pain to grind for and level. By buffing the other epics, the value of the current strong epics drops very slightly while the other epics get a major win. And when companies buff things rather than nerf, it has a much more positive impact in the end, and this game is heading in the right direction with the boost shuffle. Hopefully they continue to get better and better


yes. please buff some of these useless epic hybrids and super hybrids.


agree about that:
Epic hybrids are separated between the “average-good” you mention and the very bads.

To counter the predominance of sarcorixis,epic hybrids need to have more stun resistant hybrids.
And in my opinion,just remove resilient strike of sarco and give him fierce strike.

Megalogaia should be one of them.First,give him stun immunity (66%),I don’t think armor piercing would be this much helpful.Tanks are not the threat there.But i would give him on escape heal or swap in heal. (Megaloceros have it,why is it removed?)

Gorgosuchus and postimetrodon: agree about the 3 turn damage,but i would give gorgosuchus 50% stun resistance aswell if sarco stay resilient.

Armagocephalus: definitly need immune to stun,i disagree about hp buff.

nodopatosaurus:I want to see it actually in arena before judging him.

Scaphotator: Almost the worst epic hybrids:Increase hp to 3600,damage to 1350 and give him “trapped in his game”,give him 100% swap resistance,100% bleed resistance

Majundaboa: Increase **hp to 4200,**increase speed to 118.(faster than rixis so it became a counter)

Spinotahraptor: The king of the worst hybrids of all the times,and you didn’t mention him?
Give him no escape as his spinosaurus parent,distracting rampage instead of distracting impact,speed 129

And i would create an ability against those no escape which is "trapped in his game"
If an opponent have a “no escape” ability and try to swap out,he is locked.

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First, I must’ve forgotten, so I will edit him in, but spinotahraptor is a bit underated. It’s not the best, but not bad either. I don’t know why many people think he’s the worst

EDIT: he’s in, but he doesn’t need much to make him good. His moveset needed a bit of an upgrade.

It’s basically a poor man’s spinoconstrictor, and that’s saying something.

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1-He is too slow for a pure cunning creature:126 speed is not enough.
2-The last hybrid on game with simple strike with no explanation
3-He don’t have no escape as his parents.

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The healing with megalogia would be a nice touch. I would buff amargoceph’s hp to no more than 4000. With Nodopato, they took away the counter to give him a delayed regular rampage. He needs some love.

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Cunning Fierce. Bleedng is fierce, no matter how you put it

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But he still can do stuff. Scaphotator really can’t. Niether can majungaboa.

Lol this is spinotahraptor we’re taking about right? It maybe was once very good back when distracting rampage had no delay but since that nerf it’s been awful I think it and schap tie for the worst epics

Maybe he is too weak.
I want to play him to make me an opinion.
The signature of those ankys are to have low hp and huge armor!
4000 is maybe to much.
But i would give him a rampage somewhere as his euoplocephalus parents.

Lol anky has 4.8 it probably be fine for amargo since it only has impacts

Happy cake day!

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This is not a reason to give him a simple strike,then give him cunning strike or fierce strike.

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But he’s coming from Amargosaurus, and sauropods have high hp. Amargoceph lacks a rampage and has an impact with a 2 turn cooldown. That extra bulk doesn’t help when matched with something like allo gen 2 or tyrannolopho


majundaboa and scapho clearly need a huge love.
They are among top priority but spino aswell.He is not so good actually.

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Lol how to time flys…also ps dimodact sucks now bye

Lol seriously it needs a buff but agains Dimorphodon is the worst common so not much you can do for it eh

I mean these stats are bad

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The fact is ,you want him to be a resilient creature but it have to be different than nodopatosaurus which were almost the same for long time.
If you increase his hp too much,they both will be looking the sames.

I could be worse though, I could be scaphotator level bad.

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That true at least your not that guy

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